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Member since: Thu Apr 15, 2004, 06:56 PM
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Yes, EWTN as well as their low-rent versions like Ave Maria Radio...

...are some of the worst garbage I've ever heard, especially when it comes to their "news" programming. Their listeners would be better served by living in a cave without access to any news at all. They would truly be better informed if they did so.

These POS networks are funded by reactionary "businessmen" like Tom Monaghan (Domino's Pizza founder). There was an ill-fated network in the late '90s called "CatholicFamilyRadio" that got a few of those billionaires together to bankroll a national rollout of their brand. They claimed they would topple people like Rush Limbaugh and get everyone listening to far-right Catholic radio. They cheaped out on the "talent", hiring a bunch of third-stringers like Dan Lungren and Al Kresta (a Catholic Limbaugh clone). The programming was so awful that they were out of business in a year and a half, burning through something like $150 million.

Their "news" division. Raymond Arroyo, in particular, who is the news director and the anchor...

...for The World Over. His guests are always from right-wing "think" tanks or the most reactionary Church officials. I have never seen as much as a single exception. Their other news programs are almost as bad as TWO; these include a nightly news program (which recently had an unexplained departure of many staff members), a copycat version of The View, and a weekly show obsessed with abortion and the "contraceptive mentality", whatever that is.

Pretty much every program on EWTN is reactionary in one way or another; whether they're pushing Latin Mass nonsense or school vouchers, there's always something bad. There is very little that is not objectionable on EWTN. There's always a subtext.

Unfortunately when they do, the worst people are usually involved...

...because the most reactionary forces in the culture tend to have the most money and resources. EWTN and (Ir)-Relevant Radio are two examples of what you get in the Catholic Church. Their "news" programs are arguably even worse than Fox, and probably as bad as anything on WorldNetDaily, NewsMax, or OANN.

That's not to say that there aren't exceptions, but this does appear to be the rule.

Milo Yiannopoulos also appears to be employed by Church Militant. Greene was also interviewed...

...by Michael Voris of Church Militant in an hour-long feature that has seen many posts here. Greene has appeared with or spoken about Milo Yiannopoulos on several occasions, not to mention other problematic alt-right figures like Nick Fuentes. Yiannopoulos has done numerous programs for CM, including their ridiculous "Church Militant Shop" program, modeled on an equally embarrassing program seen on EWTN (the "EWTN Religious Catalogue" show). In this one, Milo can be seen selling a CD box set of his readings of the Psalms and Proverbs. No, this is not a joke.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Church Militant TV interview: Why Hasn't God Destroyed America?

There has been a lot posted on DU in the last 24 hours or so about MTG's interview with the execrable Michael Voris of Church Militant TV. However, I don't think this article from Salon which was posted yesterday has been seen here yet. The article has a link to the long-form interview.


In the interview, Greene rehashed old beefs, described herself as a victim of Jan. 6, said the United States is so sinful she doesn't understand "why God hasn't destroyed us" and most exciting for Church Militant suggested that Satan is controlling the Catholic Church.

That might sound like a claim that would offend most Catholics, but Church Militant is not most Catholics. Originally founded as Real Catholic TV by former CBS News producer Michael Voris in 2008 to offer a more orthodox depiction of Mother Church than is found in pop culture fare like "The Da Vinci Code," the organization grew increasingly strident and at odds with the formal church, until the Archdiocese of Detroit, where it's located, successfully blocked it from using the word "Catholic" in the outlet's name...

After asking Greene how she gauged the "spiritual character of the United States right now" the question that prompted her to wonder why God hadn't destroyed America yet for its failure to end abortion Voris guided her into issues within Catholic World, taking specific aim at the church-affiliated aid organization Catholic Relief Services, which has recently been targeted by conservative Catholics for its work to help immigrants at the southern border.

"What it is, is Satan's controlling the church," Greene responded.

Yep. Forgot about that. Bribe (some of) the farmers, and the rest of us pay double...

...at the store. Naturally, a lot of the farmers still got fucked over. Because Drumpf doesn't give a shit.


He fucked them over with agricultural tariffs that continue to hurt them...

...and yet they'll vote for him again and again, because Drumpf hates the same people they do. Then Raymond Arroyo from EWTN can go on his moronic "World Over" show with one of the few "winners" who didn't get fucked over, a pork producer with property of the size of a collective farm, and they can rhapsodize about how wonderful their Great Leader is. Yes, that actually happened on EWTN.

LOL, the latest "moral panic" to come out of the Minnesota exurbs...

...things like this seem to come up every few years in MN. Usually they involve education, like Michele Bachmann's obsession with "outcome-based education" and "postmodernism". In the '90s, Bachmann was part of a moronic organization called "Maple River Education Coalition" whose website was, I kid you not, "MrEdCo.com". (The address doesn't work anymore). MrEdCo helped to destroy several education initiatives in MN, even those which were heavily favored by business interests.

This "furry" thing seems to be the latest nonsense coming from people with too much time on their hands.

The MAGA chuds really hate several commercials right now, especially the Vrbo one with Kermit...

...the Frog singing (from an old Muppets movie). Just read some of the YouTube comments (use the "Share" arrow button to see it at YouTube). The YouTube commentariat sound exactly like the alt-right chuds you find on Reddit/4Chan/8Chan or whatever the hell they're on these days. This Randy Bishop asshole sure sounds like he spends a lot of time on the chud websites. Any commercial with POC, gay people, etc. sets them off. "ZOMGBBQ!!1!111!!!!!11!!! IT'S WOKE!!!"

Note the not-so-covert anti-Semitism: (((globalist neocons)))...

...this is the kind of crap you would see on incel neo-Nazi Reddit/4Chan boards just a couple years ago. RooshV shit. Now it's so mainstreamed that MTG feels completely at ease using this language with a local newspaper reporter. What's next? MTG using alt-right lingo like "cuck" and "soyboy"?!

The newspaper might as well have added the triple parentheses to what she said, because it's barely concealed. For her alt-right fans, it's not a dogwhistle, it's a foghorn.

For those who haven't seen the (((triple parentheses))) before: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple_parentheses
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