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Gender: Male
Hometown: Palm Beach County, Florida
Member since: Fri Apr 16, 2004, 01:36 PM
Number of posts: 13,216

Journal Archives

Stories of Karl Rove being a child molester are untrue

That headline is an example of how you start a rumor which becomes self perpetuating. And Karl Rove is a master at it. It’s a tactic he’s been using his entire career.

His recent attack on Hillary, while ridiculous, will have many wingnuts believing she actually has a brain injury from that fall she took a while back. And it will seep through to those who pay no attention to politics.

We can expect such attacks against Hillary to be launched daily now by Fox “news,” hate radio, and the rest of the Republican propaganda machine. They’re already blaming her for the kidnapping of the girls in Nigeria.

Truth means nothing to Republicans. They will just make up any piece of shit and then use their echo chamber to repeat, repeat, repeat.

We Dems don’t currently have the means to counter their never-ending lies. But we’d better figure out a way pretty damn soon.

Here’s why you have to be a dick to be a Republican

(a partial list)

You want to deny health care to millions – Screw children, the elderly and everyone in between. Every once in a while you’ve got to thin out the herd.

You want to make sure that no one can get an abortion – Including that 13 year old who was raped and that woman whose physical or financial existence is endangered.

You want to make sure no one can vote except white, mature men – Can’t have the country destroyed by “The Other.”

You have to make sure that all education is privatized and useless – educated peasants can be dangerous.

You have to be sure your voters believe global warming is a myth – Can’t have anything biting into the fossil fuel profits of your donors.

You have to keep the peasants working for as little money as possible – Hell, it’s the next best thing to slavery and you don’t have to give ‘em room and board.

You have to be against everything that black guy in the White House is for – And keep telling your moron voters he’s an uppity bastard who wasn’t even born in America.

You have to be against repairing the infrastructure – Safe bridges, roads, rails, water: screw ‘em all. Let the next generation worry about that crap.

You must be against any rights for women – They’ve been a pain in the ass ever since they got the vote. Let ‘em bring up kids and get on their knees when you want them there.

You’ve have to tone down anti-LGBT rhetoric – Too many of “THEM” out there now, (not to mention that perhaps you yourself might be so inclined).

You have to keep saying you want to attack any country that pisses us off – can’t let down your weapon-maker donors.

You have to care for your voice so you can shriek BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI, every moment of every day. Amazing what the suckers who vote for your will believe.

And most importantly, you have to say “God” and “Jesus” a lot. Don’t ever let those voters forget whose side God is on.

Please add to whatever I missed.

More GOP dickishness (a rant)

It’s no news that the party of “family values,” and “pro life,” doesn’t actually care about families, values, or the living. The party that wants to “cut the debt” doesn’t give a rat’s ass how deeply individual Americans are mired in debt. The party of “compassionate conservatism” totally lacks compassion and the only thing they want to conserve is their own power. The party that is controlled by a few super wealthy people through their teabagger minions of know-nothings, is a blight upon this country and a danger to us all.

Their real agenda is, “Screw everyone who isn’t a white, ‘Christian,’ Republican male. Screw ‘em, squeeze ‘em for everything they’ve got, spit on ‘em, and stomp ‘em into the dust.”

Imagine if they end up controlling both the House and Senate after this year's election. What they’ve done in the states they control is what they have in mind for the entire country. It was the author Sinclair Lewis who said: “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.” We seem to be pretty much headed in that direction.

The dickishness of today’s Republican/Teabagger party is something I've posted about here before, but they continue to become ever more dickish with each passing day. They've got to be stopped and it all depends on Democratic voter turnout this year. We've got to hang onto the Senate and win over the House. We must be as well motivated as our enemies. And make no mistake about it. They are our enemies as well as the enemies of human decency, empathy and freedom.

No end to Republican dickishness (a rant)

Any reasonable person has to wonder why Republicans/Teabaggers are such mean-spirited dicks, completely void of empathy.

What most people would consider to be decent, they are against. Health care, education, jobs, caring for veterans, extended unemployment insurance, a livable minimum wage, immigration, voting rights, fixing our crumbling infrastructure, reasonable gun control, aiding the poor and disabled, school lunches for needy children, meals on wheels for the elderly. But being against all of this is not sufficient. They want to do away with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Not to mention giving less than full rights to women, minorities and anyone they consider to be among the “Thems.”

They have seized partial power of our government through voter suppression and gerrymandering. They can enact their agenda of cruelness in the states they control, and they can block progress on a national basis. And they are aided and abetted in their dickishness by the MSM (which is nothing more than big business).

Their arrogance and non-stop lies make them intolerable. Their leaders and propagandists create a parallel universe in which most of them are content to live in ignorance. Why are they filled with so much anger and hatred? Beats me. But what I know for sure is that there will always be people like them. They’ll never go away and it’s up to us to do everything possible to keep them from ever seizing the levers of power in this country. They are a bigger danger to our freedoms than any outside enemy could ever be.

A rant about an agenda driven by cruelty

Whether the issue is Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, universal health care, the minimum wage, voting rights, civil rights, women’s rights, immigration, education, or dozens of other humane policies, the Republicans have consistently been on the wrong side of history.

Think about that for a moment. How could anyone with a conscience, and a basic sense of decency, oppose policies aimed at improving the human condition? The answer is simple: Today’s Republican/TeaBagger agenda is driven by cruelty. It denies our shared humanity and seeks to deny “The Other” of everything from health care, to food, to education, to basic human rights. The eventual outcome would be that all goods and privilege would be in the hands of the few, and everyone else would be left to eat dirt.

It’s not so amazing that they can get a sizable portion of their victims to go along with them. Perhaps as many as a third of all Americans are aiding and abetting in their own destruction. The tools used to seduce them are anger, hatred, fear, and in all too many cases, “God” and a scripture which is cherry picked to justify anything. The carriers of the message are Fox “News,” hate radio, and toxic politicians acting like modern-day versions of Caligula. And all with an assist from a compliant main stream media.

The outcome of this era is in doubt. Americans of tomorrow may look back on this period of time as one more giant stain on our country. On the other hand, a well-motivated minority can come out on top as history has often proved. Perhaps it will be neither. A future generation may find itself buried beneath a crumbled infrastructure and pummeled by a wrathful climate brought about by our inability to stop the insanity.

I find that I’ve totally depressed myself with what I’ve written here. So I’m planning to take the day off, pull the plug on the TV, do some yoga exercises, eat some fresh fruit and vegetables, get some fresh air and sunshine, read some Isaac Asimov, and check this post occasionally to see if anyone has paid any attention to this rant.

Defining WashingtonSpeak

U.S. Interests: Anything that increases the wealth and power of those who own us.

Boots on the ground: Humans who are used as cannon fodder.

9/11: A vast gold mine for war profiteers.

Pundit: Anyone with an opinion who can get a TV gig.

The enemy: Anyone possessing something that someone else wants.

Common wisdom: Twisted logic believed by people inside the beltway.

Profiling: Looking for anyone guilty of breathing while black.

Sending a signal: Bombing the hell out of some country.

Proportional response: Bombing the hell out of some country.

Ted Cruz: A reckless prick with a Yale degree peddling ignorance and hatred.

Dick Cheney: 666

Income gap: A means for keeping the peasants in their place.

Modern warfare: Corporate profits by other means.

Justice: An abstract concept that many believe actually exists.

Republican Party: A club for those who have lost their souls, or never had one.

Fox News: A rancid, prehistoric cave where delusional people wallow in fantasy.

Heritage Foundation: A place where people come up with utterly demented ideas.

God: An entity that sees, hears and knows everything. Also known as NSA.

Tea Party: Current incarnation of a plague that occurs occasionally.

Benghazi: A word Republicans shout when they can’t think of anything else to say.

My friend called me a Neo-Luddite

I don’t twitter. I’ve never been on FB or any other social networking site. I don’t text and I have it blocked on my cell phone. I don’t have an ipod. And I like to read books that are printed on paper and bound.

Actually, I’m probably more of a semi-Luddite. I’m not against technological progress, nor do I think I’m superior in any way to those who embrace new technological developments.

So do you think I’m living in the wrong century?

I know a dittohead who’s dumb beyond belief

My neighbor’s cousin is visiting her here in Florida. This cousin thinks Limbaugh is “brilliant,” he watches Fox “News” to “stay informed,” and he’s a fundamentalist “Christian” who thinks science is made-up myth.

A few days ago, we went over to the beach and I decided to find out exactly how far his non-belief in science went.

There was a cargo ship out toward the horizon and it was sailing south. I asked him if he knew that ships going south moved faster than ships going north. “Really?” he said. “How come?” I told him to look at any map or globe and that it was obvious that ships sailing south were going downhill and ships sailing north were going uphill. Nodding his head he said, “That’s interesting. I never realized that.”

This is a true story and, quite honestly, I find it frightening to have to share the planet with people this incredibly stupid. It might be proof positive that listening to Limbaugh and watching Fox “News” rots your brain.

I’m troubled about posting this, however …

As an agnostic, I find it uncomfortable to use the term “evil.” Nonetheless, I cannot seem to shake the concept that today’s Republican Party contains many people to whom I can find no word more fitting than “evil.”

A cancerous hatred and/or greed seem to infect many Republican politicians and their voters. Their Wall Streeters/their bankers/their (hypocritical) “Christians”/their bigots/their hopelessly ignorant, and so many more of their contingent, seem to be bent on the destruction of basic human decency – if not humanity itself.

And make no mistake about it. There are far too many Democrats, among others, who believe and behave as they do.

For all of humanity’s technological advancements, our sociological relationships are not far removed from that which existed when we first stepped out of caves. Our weaponry has made quantum leaps over the millennia, while our social interactions have remained stagnant. (Many thinkers have voiced this concept for centuries.)

But let me get to the point. Short of an ecological holocaust, I am of the opinion that today’s Republican Party is a clear and present danger to humanity. Many past empires have been responsible for countless deaths. But none had the power to destroy all human life on our planet

Is humanity suicidal? I don’t know. But I do know that we live in times far more dangerous than any that have gone before.

Agree, or disagree with what I’ve said here. But I’d like to hear your opinion.

Mr. President, many of us thought we were voting for greatness. Instead, we got you.

Like millions of other Democrats, I will hold my nose and vote for you next year. My only other choice is to vote for some brain-diseased Republican.

There are always disappointments in life, but Mr. President, you seem to be well on your way to becoming one of the greatest disappointments in American history.

I know that you understand we have no where else to go with our votes. And I know you must be aware of the various ways in which you have betrayed us.

Have you no conscience? Have you no decency? Have you no sense of self-betrayal?

You won’t prosecute your war criminal predecessors.

You won’t veto the most despicable Republican legislation that comes down the road.

You won’t stand up to the some of the worst domestic enemies this country has ever seen.

You won’t represent “We the People.” And you evidently won’t defend the Bill of Rights that protects us.

Yes, I know what you’ve accomplished against Republican intransigence and insanity. But that doesn’t measure up to the things you gave away before any “negotiations” ever began. (For example, Universal health care off the table before discussions even started.)

Sir, if you win a second term, how about throwing more than a few crumbs to a drowning American population? How about standing up and speaking out about what America is supposed to be?

If you are sworn into a second term on January 20, 2013, how about making that Day One of the restoration of how we used to view ourselves? A free people living in a just society.

Yeah, that may have always been an illusion. But why not be the guy that begins to make it a reality?

With Hope,

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