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Gender: Male
Hometown: Palm Beach County, Florida
Member since: Fri Apr 16, 2004, 02:36 PM
Number of posts: 13,153

Journal Archives

America's other pandemic: Cognitive dissonance

Put simply for purposes of this discussion, an example of cognitive dissonance is holding two totally opposing thoughts in your mind simultaneously and believing them both. This disorder affects perhaps a third of Americans -- The MAGAs.

Unfortunately, this particular virus makes many of those who have it dangerous. Dangerous to Democrats, dangerous to everyone's freedoms, dangerous to democracy. And there ain't no vaccine for it. (Not that most of them would take a shot if one were available.)

With elections coming up in 2020 and 2024, countless state laws have been passed by malignant Republicans who want to suppress the votes of the "THEMS." We here on DU are, of course, included in the "THEMS." And voters in many of these states are inflicted with cognitive dissonance. They will vote against their own best interests and if their state laws tilt and even allow for stolen elections, so be it.

So why aren't Dems in DC running around with their hair on fire? Hopefully, action is being taken by the Dept. of Justice to overturn and/or nullify these laws in some way beyond just lawsuits. Unfortunately, going to court takes time and these elections are coming at us like speeding bullets.

Of course, we need a massive voter turnouts regardless of the circumstances. And that turnout must be driven by the knowledge that the Republicans will do anything, anything at all, to "win" elections. If we allow that to happen, America is over.

Shoot someone on 5th Ave? The prick is a mass murderer.

Over six hundred thousand people have died from Covid 19 and Donald Trump is responsible for most of those deaths.

He knew about it before it spread, but the vicious, uncaring prick decided that it would not be good for him personally if he let it be known that a deadly virus was on the loose.

Imagine if Clinton, or Bush, or Obama, had been president when this thing hit the world. Any one of them would have encouraged people to wear masks, stay out of crowds and isolate themselves as much as possible.

But the orange creature did just the opposite. "No masks. No isolation. It's a hoax. It was released by China. Go about your life. Ignore the shit the media is spreading."

Over six hundred thousand people are now dead! Yes, there would have been deaths. But not more than half a million human beings. Most of them died because Donald Trump is an uncaring, self-absorbed mass murderer. (And of course he got himself vaccinated the instant a vaccine was available.)

You know what. Fuck Trump's tax and bank fraud, fuck his scams, fuck his lies, fuck every other crime he committed. He's a mass murderer. And that, more than all the rest of it, is what he should be held responsible for and made to pay for.

And it's not over. Many are still dying because they won't get vaccinated. And most of them refuse to get vaccinated because the stupid orange fuck told them not to. His death count is still running up. But the Republican Party and his base voters still bow down to their "Dear Leader."

We really need a vaccine to protect us from corrupt Republican politicians and stupid voters. And Trump really needs to be dragged out of his Florida castle and put on trial for the murder of millions.

We Democrats do not have a Senate Majority

We have two pseudo-Democrats, (Manchin and Sinema), who are helping to flush American democracy down the sewer. So let's stop the bullshit that we "control" the Senate.

America is fucked. Perhaps beyond repair.

We are teetering on the edge of fascism. And if the Republicans manage to win/steal many of their races in 2022, then 2024 will be the year in which this "American experiment" in democracy fails. Some motherfucker like Tom Cotton, or Ted Cruz, or Hawley, or even some total imbecile such as Louie Gohmert, or Marjory Taylor Greene might end up in the White House. (Think that can't happen? How did a brain dead cretin like Trump get into the Oval Office?)

Let's stop believing our own propaganda of "senate control." Let's face reality. The Republicans are at "war" with us, (they own people like Manchin and Sinema), and it's time we started behaving like we are at "war" to save American democracy. How? Good question. And your answer is ...?

Will American democracy survive this fascist attack?

I really don't know. Neither does anyone else.

What we do know is that that this attack isn't from some foreign "enemy." This is an attack from within. This is an attack on the very concept of American democracy being fought by the Republican Party. And yes, "fought" is the right word. The Republican Party has declared "war" on our freedoms. They've been working up to it for decades and Trump finally pulled the trigger that ripped the mask off their white supremacist "philosophy" and their deeply embedded hatreds.

So what do we do now? How do we stop them? Will Manchin and Sinema help kill the filibuster? Who knows? Will that be sufficient to stop a fanatical, (a virtually crazed), political party? Who knows?

Within the next two to four years, we might find ourselves under totalitarian rule. Or, we may have found a way to avoid the disaster, yet still be fighting daily to hold onto whatever is left of our democracy.

We really don't know if most of the American population, or most voters, are aware of this fork in the road. And even if they are, we still don't know whether we can hold onto our democracy, or if it will be "won" or stolen from us.

So given how dark this post is, and given that none of us own a crystal ball, let me try to end here on a lighter note. What does the future hold for us? Well, Yogi Berra (supposedly) said, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it."

We can only hope that history/fate/luck/, or whatever universal intelligence may exist, makes the right choice.

Meghan McCain throws a turd in the punch bowl

For some reason, I watched The View today and the opening topic was the January 6th attack on the Capitol.

Everyone agreed that it was a grotesque attack on American democracy. But when it was Ms McCain's turn, she spent a moment denouncing the attack and then changed the subject completely. She bitched about the current "disastrous gas shortage" and how it was all Joe Biden's fault.

This so-called "shortage" will last about a week and Joe Biden didn't use ransomware to shut down that gas pipeline. But that made no difference to Meghan. She was going to attack our (legally elected) president no matter what, and place the blame for all the problems of the world on him.

Many think that Meghan is a "moderate" Republican. I think she's a total ass.

It's nice to have a president who isn't a screaming asshole

It's nice to have a president who doesn't need to be in the news every hour of every day.

It's nice to have a president who cares about people's lives.

It's nice to have a president who consistently tries to do the right thing.

It's nice to have a president who is a decent human being.

It's nice to have a president who's sane.

I guess all I have left to say is let's enjoy every moment that Joe is in the White House.

Domestic Enemies

The Republican Party, at the state and federal levels, has dropped any pretense of civility, fairness, belief in democracy, or basic human decency.

It’s taken a couple of decades for them to reach what they’ve been building towards for decades: Nixon’s “Southern Strategy”; Reagan kicking off his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi where the KKK murdered three civil rights workers; George Bush Senior using the racist “Willie Horton” ad to appeal to every American bigot; and then, the 2000 election in which the Supreme Court “appointed” George W. Bush Jr. to the presidency.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get more fucked up, a psycho rode down a golden escalator and, with the help of Russian interference, and the wingnut media demonizing Hillary, this knuckle-dragging conman ended up occupying the White House. As it turned out, this madman finally tore the mask off the reality of the disease that wants to turn America into a fascist country. A disease hiding behind the title: “The Republican Party.”

We’ve seen them denying that they tried to steal the last election through a violent act of sedition. We’ve seen their QAnon Eva Braun trying to start up an “Anglo-Saxon Caucus.” We’ve seen them oppose any semblance of decency by voting down every single piece of sane, needed, humane piece of legislation the Democrats are trying to pass. We’ve seen them call bullshit on the conviction of a murdering police officer. We’ve seen them defend their fuehrer who has been exiled to Mar-a-Lago. We’ve seen them take a crap on our Constitution, our values and our freedoms.

Understand this. The Republican Party is the deadly enemy of our democracy. If they once again manage to grab all the federal levers of power, it will become apparent to all what it’s like to live in a fascist country. Think those words are harsh? Then imagine if that horror were to become reality.

Regarding knuckle draggers

It seems that Republican insanity is increasing hourly on every issue imaginable. They're into massive voter suppression. -- They oppose anything Joe Biden wants to do to improve people's lives. -- They have no problem with further contaminating our planet. -- They don't give a rat's ass if many more people die from Covid-19. -- Any lie-of-the-day they spout is "Truth!" -- And they can perform the almost impossible task of ignoring the foul stench of their own corruption.

In short, the Republican Party has gone over the edge of the cliff and is in a free fall of moral depravity.

It's almost impossible to not be appalled that so many still vote for them. How much common sense is needed to grasp that, if Republicans ever again seize all the levers of power, democracy will end.

Trump ripped away the camouflage that has long disguised the horror called The Republican Party. It was, in reality, a thin veil that made them seem like "responsible people." It made them look like they were concerned with deficits, "family values," patriotism, flags, morality, personal responsibility, "pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps," god, mom, apple pie, ... well, we all know the litany of bullshit they've been peddling the rubes for decades. And it is now glaringly apparent who and what they are. Given free reign, it's conceivable they could return us to the dark ages in which women were burned as witches and anyone who questioned the powers that be were tortured to death.

The Republican Party is leading a parade into some of the darkest eras of the past. And any sane person has to worry if humanity will self-destruct before it can evolve into a stable state of maturity.

Murder in plain sight

I just can't watch Chauvin's trial. That video tells the whole story, -- a nonchalant cop, hands in pockets, kneeling on the neck of a human being named George Floyd until he's dead. It was a horrendous video of a murder, pure and simple. Context and extenuating circumstances aren't even a factor here. To any sane, halfway reasonable human being, it was a public fucking execution.

Anyone but a cop would take any plea he could get. But this murdering prick knows that all he needs is one white supremacist, or one moron on the jury, and he walks away free.

I'm sick of having to share this planet with self-proclaimed "patriots," "cop lovers," flag wavers, god freaks who want to make all the rules, and so many other types of wingnut fanatics, -- including virtually every Republican.

I have no impartiality about this trial, so I never would have made it onto the jury. But no truly impartial juror can watch that video and not understand what they were seeing. If Chauvin is found "not guilty," I fear for the riots that will follow, along with the inevitable deaths that will occur. I really want to see this nonchalant murderer stick his hands into his pockets, look indifferent, and walk into a cell where he'll spend the rest of his life.

Thoughts on surviving four years of pure evil

Some knew on election night how bad it could get. At least they thought they knew. Most had no idea. A monster had inexorably come to power. And the nightmare began.

In reality, the Republican Party has been a nightmare ever since “Saint” Ronald Reagan’s reign. Reagan was an amiable imbecile who sold snake oil labeled “Trickle down economics.” Most had no idea that it meant, “Goodies for the rich and fuck everyone else”, but many bought into it. Especially when the white racist prerogative “Welfare Queen” was added to the mix.

Four decades later, the disguise was stripped away. It turned out that far too many Americans were comfortable with bigotry, hatred and fascism. And some of them saw it as their dream come true.

There’s no need to enumerate the crimes against humanity committed during the reign of the beast and his enablers. Anyone reading this remembers how every day of the last four years brought a new and more outrageous act of depravity. And in the final year, nature added its own contribution to human misery with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now, the intense hard work of many dedicated individuals transferred all the reins of power to sane people. But the head has not been cut off the snake. The cultists are still lurking and waiting. And many of them hold high seats in our government. The danger has not passed.

An empathetic, decent, competent person is now in charge, along with a political party that actually believes in the inalienable rights of every human being. This week, they achieved something that seemed impossible a short while ago. They enacted a law to help everyone have food, a roof over their heads, protection for their children, jobs, and so, so much more. And they also restored that incredible something that every human being needs. Hope.

Over half a million people died due to “leaders” who were incompetent and indifferent. The rest of us survived four years of pure evil. But those who thrive on that evil are still hard at work to steal back the reins of power. If they succeed, they will bring into being a world of horrors that decent humans fear and despise. And the only thing that stands in their way is us.

Everyone has heard the words, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (Yes, the word “women” must be added.) The truth of those words should be evident to all. Now is the time for everyone to do anything they possibly can do to ensure that sanity, progress and basic humanity triumphs over those who would enslave us in their crazed alternate universe.

If you’ve spent your entire life hoping/wishing/longing for sanity and decency to prevail on this planet, now is the time to act in any way you possibly can. All that’s at stake is the future of humanity.
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