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Member since: Sat Apr 24, 2004, 02:37 PM
Number of posts: 6,096

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How do I erase

my posts. I have one that keep remaining dark blue, as if I have not read it and I get alerted to
My Posts quite often.

I cannot figure out how to eliminate the posts I have.

I need some prayers and good vibes sent my way..if you would be so kind.

I am 67 years old, some of you know I have been having respiratory problems now since December 2011. Trust me when I say I have been to countless doctors, had all the tests known to man, been diagnosed improperly now for over 15 months.

FINALLY someone suggested an EKG in April of 2013 (?)..finding something...went to a cardiologist BP 190/110 ...so now we are "working on getting my bp down" with drugs that are giving me headaches from hell.

Finally an echo is done...my aortic valve is dilated..and then I called into the nurse last friday (with my bp reading twice daily) and I get Nurse Ratchet (i.e. One flew Over the Cukoos Nest"..)..waiting for a call today from the nurse I feel bonded with and will refuse to talk to Nurse Ratchet again.

this weekend I have discomfort in my chest, SHORTNESS OF BREATH FOR OVER 9 MONTHS - not counting the first 7 or 8 months of whooping cough symptoms which they treated as whooping cough. MY BP isn't going to go down when the BP meds give me violent headaches (I don't do headaches)....

I just want the doctors TO STOP PUTTING ME ON A SIDE SHELF and forgetting about me..that my wheezing has been present for well over a year - getting increasingly worse, the shortness of breath did not begin until this April...and I
am sick of not being able to live my life like a normal person.

I live near Kansas City and feel I have the best cardiologists in KC - St. Lukes in the plaza - I wonder IF I am not saying the
right things to get them to realize that this has been a nightmare..and I'm so scared - I also have put on 34 lbs since 1/1/12 due to all the cortisone, steroids for 3 months while treating me for whooping cough. So that's my bonus that OH hell, I just LOVE. NOT.

Thank you all..this is a wonderful group..and I feel so pinned up against a wall where I feel No one is listening.

Thank you for listening to this babble..I am at my wits end,

I have been extremely healthy all my life...but need someone to just "see" me..."want to help me heal"..and I don't see the medical industry doing such a great job.
Love and Blessings,

OMG watch The Big Benghazi Theory (first 2 minutes of Thedailyshow.com with

Jon Stewart. I have played it over and over..and have laughed myself silly...He is imitating Lindsy Graham...

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN go to 6 minutes where he talks about dingleberries and diamonds...

If you like Jon Stewart..don't miss this.

Chris Christie killed a spider and PETA is pissed.


LMAO.....I HOPE they just keep talking about the spider...it's better THAN ANY OF THE POLITICAL NEWS WE HEAR!!!!!!!!!

My doctor wants me to have the treadmill stress Echocardiogram test.....is there

any other test to do to find out what he thinks he can find with the st ress test.

I REFUSE to do the stress test where they inject something into your heart to make it beat rapidly

anyone have recent experience with this??

What a wonderful surprise. Thank you for my valentine hearts, I assume they

came from this group, as this is where I spend the most time reading and lurking. It's a nice peaceful forum and I love the people here!

This came at a good time, still fighting the respiratory condition I have had since Dec 2011-- countless doctors and tests can find nothing wrong. Now going to a holistic doctor who I have complete confidence in. It was by chance (?) ha ha, that I ran across this woman and I feel she is going to get to the source of this very soon. More optimistic than I have been in over a year.,

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!!

I am a member here but now I am getting lots of ads. is this happening to everyone? I

even get one on some of the screens that says "YOUR COMPUTER IS AT RISK" Click here for information on how to clean it up...or something to that effect.

I don't recall these ads prior to this week.

Been to a 3rd World Country, told i have parasites....has anyone had to deal

with this problem, or know first hand about some of the problems surrounding this issue?

I have been sick since December 30th..and to start things off on the wrong foot I was exposed to my grandaughter's whooping cough (she was hospitalized and I kept her the night before....therefore they decided I had adult whooping couogh.

As time rolled on March, April and May doctors decided ...all the symptoms pointed to "Asthma"..which
I do not have..nor do i respond to the alburteral breathing treatments or rescue inhalers.

In a ten month period I have had every test and seen Many DOCTORS and twice in the emergency room and ended up at Kansas University Hospitals seeing a pulmonary doctor...who was quite arrogant and rude.

Then my doctor decided to do a stool specimen...everything has changed...but am looking for more information. Or does anyone know of forums (that you can read and understand.) I found several forums but they are very user unfriendly to get around in and respond...etc.

Went to FB..and my son-in-law, voted for Mromney..and he writes...."well maybe

now we can get the truth on Libya". WTF????? (I only go to FB about once a month whether I need it or not- cannot deal with it)

OBVIOUSLY they watch FAUX news.... What's to know about Libya?
What am I missing??? Something about Obama not telling the truth early on that it was a terrorist attack, or something?
I don't know WHY these people breed.

Does Obama have to PUT UP with Boehner and his shit again this coming

season. Is there something we can do to get this man to be a man instead of a little 2 year old throwing a fit.??????
Will a petition get him out. CAN ANYTHING BE DONE??????????????????

How can our president work with this for 4 more years when everyone that didn't vote for him seems to have more power in congress? Jesus Christ.
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