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Member since: Sat Apr 24, 2004, 02:37 PM
Number of posts: 6,096

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Obama to be on Letterman Thursday night..just a reminder, plus tomorrow on the View

will be Mrs. Mittens. oh goody.....Elizabeth will be oooozing with love....

So Romney apologizes all over the place for his "error" re: the 47% debacle and SOME DUMB ASSES

on CNN AND MSNBC insinuate that we should accept his apology and continue on.

Well, ain't that grand??????????? Even though others on the show disagreed.

Don't know if it was CNN or MSNBC - was flipping back and forth getting mad.

I have to stop watching MSNBC unless it's in the early evening when the anchors are SANE.


President Obama campaigning today said, "We didn't know Big Bird was

driving the deficit"..gotta love it...

CAN'T romney afford a decent HAIRCUT where straggles of hair don't

look close to bedhead???????????

Mika on Morning Joe just said 7,000 attended Romney's event in Colorado

yesterday, 9/23. Can anyone verify that size of a crowd..??

Just wondering...cannot find anything on the internet re: this.


SO, is Mittens part of the 47% who has NOT PAID TAXES????


Wonder why this isn't opening up that keg a little harder.

Since I know this is a kind group unlike other forums around...I have a simple

question...and perhaps need to somehow ask Skinner...but don't know how to do that and he has
probably already answered it 500 times.

Why when I open a thread to read the many responses..does it show TIME as "yesterday" or
"Friday" or 11:18 a.m.
That is VERY confusing to me..and I cannot figure out often when a new thread has been added, ....
if it was not added at the end of the responses...then I don't know how to find it.

Does this make sense.?

And thanks for your time...I lurk here ALOT as some of you know...and LOVE THIS FORUM...

And I gets lots of strength from this area. I have had a rough 9 months with respiratory problems, and just
last Friday returned to my ORIGINAL primary doctor...and because "I know my own body" he listened...and
I think I may have the problem solved. it's only been 3 days but my breathing has made remarkable improvement
as well as my fatigue....and I don't want to be premature...but i believe I see a good change slowly emeging as
my breathing has become easier to deal with.

Thanks alot to this forum and some friends I have met THROUGH this forum.
Thank you.

God how I hate the republican media a****h******s

How can they make a crappy video out of

Jennifer Granholm's awesome speech.

I L=O=V=E=D it.....Never have even seen her before..I WISH SHE WOULD RUN for
President next term....

Does everyone here realize that at the Republican convention Clint

Mitt Romney told Our President of the United States, President Obama

to "GO FUCK HIMSELF"????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Doesn't everyone see how sick that makes America look????

Just sayin'' =----cuz I cannot stop thinking that anyone would or could have the audacity to tell
the President of the US to "go fuck himself"...and everyone laughs...

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