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Name: Mom
Gender: Female
Home country: Earth
Current location: SF Bay Area
Member since: Sat May 8, 2004, 12:56 AM
Number of posts: 16,141

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7 Key Lessons To Be Learned from the 2012 Election:

Regardless of the political party you support, regardless of where you think this country should go, the following lessons learned from the 2012 election:

1) Math Matters:

Nate Silver and the Mathematicians predicted it to the tee - why? Math. Polls are nice, but math and statistics are nicer. Math and statistics are a science. Science is real. Anyone that says "the numbers don't matter" is just WRONG.

2) Women Matter:

"Hell hath no Fury like a Woman scorned"....ALL of the Republican candidates that made stupid comments about rape went from leading their races to defeat. They GUARANTEED Democrats would expand their hold on the Senate. Women VOTE.

3) Demographics Matters:

The Republican base are scared, angry old white men. And every year, their are fewer of them. In every OTHER demographic - blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, women, young people, LGBT, etc. Democrats have a huge advantage - and those groups are GROWING while the scared, angry old white men group is SHRINKING. If Republicans don't get this basic concept, they will truly be extinct as a party.

4) Number of People Matter, Not Number of Money:

Money may influence elections but money can't buy them - people matter more than dollars.

Republicans out-raised and outspent the Democrats in every Senate race and in the Presidential race - and they got their asses handed to them. It turns out the better predictor of success is not how much money you raised, but how MUCH of that money came from large numbers of small donors ($200 or less).

5) The Supreme Court Matters:

This election was about a lot of things, but one of the big ones was the Supreme Court and all of the Women and demographics mentioned above in Lessons #2 & #3, greatly outnumber the scared, angry old white guys knew that and voted. Which goes back to Lesson #1.

6) Moderates Matter:

The "Republic Party" of Teabaggers and Rush Limbaugh are screaming about having lost their country. That country in their minds existed when slavery existed and before suffrage - that country died along time ago. Or they are saying that they lost because Mitt Romney "wasn't conservative enough." Bullshit. He lost because he wasnt moderate enough... Mitt Romney lost because there aren't enough scared, angry old white men, and the more conservative he got (especially during the primaries) the more he lost the support of all the other demographics. If the GOP decides to go even further to the right, they will never have another shot at the White House or other elected office again. Only real Moderates in the GOP will ever have a chance if they want to save that party. See Lesson #1.

7) Climate Change Matters:

Sandy reminded everyone of that and that who sits in the White House or on "science" committees in Congress matters. Climate change deniers need not apply.


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