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louis c

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Boston
Home country: USA
Current location: Boston
Member since: Fri May 14, 2004, 05:52 PM
Number of posts: 8,652

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Srara Netanyahu (PM's Wife) Faces Indictment

Source: Isreal News

Sara Netanyahu Expected to Be Indicted for Fraud in Accepting $110,000 in Goods

Attorney general likely to inform Sara Netanyahu of charges in a few weeks ■ Source tells Haaretz testimony by states witness Ari Harow could change nature of the suspicions against Benjamin Netanyahu from fraud and breach of trust to acceptance of a bribe.

Sara Netanyahu is expected to be indicted, pending a hearing, on charges of fraudulently receiving items worth 400,000 shekels ($111,851), Haaretz has learned. Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit is expected to inform Netanyahu, wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, of the charges against her in a few weeks.

Read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.810418

I Have a Legal Argument for Dreamers

Let's take a hypothetical case.

A young boy, say 3 years old, is brought to this country by a parent or relative. He goes to school here, graduates high school here, goes to college here and finds a job here. He has lived in the United States every day for 27 years. He is now 30 years old.

Wasn't his supposed crime committed before his age of consent. Wouldn't "state of mind" and maturity at the time of the supposed offence make this 30 year old innocent? Since, in our judicial system, a 3 year old cannot be held responsible for any crime, doesn't that mean no crime was committed.

And, since the state moved him through our governmental system, (school, health care, drivers' license etc.), wasn't the government consenting to this person's status?

Without any change in the law, shouldn't we win every case that a minor cannot be held responsible for a violation of law?

and that's not even talking about the situate of limitations.

Just as "There are no atheists in a fox hole" it turns out that...

"Everyone's a Socialist during a natural disaster".

All these anti-government Conservative Republicans turn to the Government when they have a natural disaster in their states.

All the rest of the time, the rest of us can go fuck ourselves.

How about we help everyone who needs it, all the time.

What's the matter, too liberal for ya?

I was speaking with a lawyer friend of mine

who is a Harvard educated labor lawyer, very well known.

He told me that Trump represents the worst of all possible clients.

He doesn't take his lawyers' advice and he doesn't pay.

Let's Look at all All the Trade Threats Trump has Made this Week

Trump has threatened to pull the United State out of NAFTA. He has threatened to pull the United States out of its trade deal with South Korea. He just stated that the U.S. will not deal with any country doing business with North Korea. We have sanctioned Venezuela, Iran and Russia.

So, let's look at the countries we would no longer do business with if he really went through with all of his threats. China, the Philippines, Russia and India all do business with North Korea. Canada and Mexico are in NAFTA. South Korea has it's own trade deal with us. So,

China, Russia, Iran, the Philippines, South Korea, India, Mexico, Canada and Venezuela.

Luckily, for the rest of us, nobody takes this fucking blowhard seriously. Otherwise the Stock Market would be down 1,000 points on Tuesday.

Trump Threatens Korea After Nuclear Test

Ya, the fucking Orange Idiot threatened our ally, South Korea

<snip>President Trump has instructed advisers to prepare to withdraw the United States from a free-trade agreement with South Korea, several people close to the process said, a move that would stoke economic tensions with the U.S. ally as both countries confront a crisis over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.<snip>


My Best Friend is a Trump Supporter

My best friend, who I've known since childhood (I'm 65 years old and he's 70) is also my second cousin.

He's in real estate and has a plumber's license, worked as a pipe fitter at GE for about 20 years, and is semi-retired. Lives a good life and has a very good, comfortable standard of living. Lives in Boston 7 months a year and Hollywood Fla. (rents) for the other 5. We've made homemade wine together for 20 years.

He helped me find the house I live in 17 years ago, which I bought at auction. He asked for nothing in return. The equity now is $250K. I will be forever grateful.

We drink our wine together and watch the Patriots every Sunday, until he goes to Florida. I vacation once a year in South Florida, and we go to dinner at least twice while I'm down there. He was the best man at my wedding 15 years ago.

We cannot spend a day together for the last year, without a screaming argument. Even the things he said were important to him and Trump is working against, he no longer cares about.

He used to hate big money in elections. I tried to explain to him that the Supreme Court appointment which sets Citizen's' United in stone for generations guarantees that for the rest of our lives..

He railed against the Debt and the Deficit. During the Obama years, I tried to explain to him that the deficit was cut in half and he would counter with it still increases the Debt. Now, he doesn't want to hear that his guy in increasing both the debt and the deficit in order to provide tax cuts for the rich.

He talks constantly about "illegal immigrants" and immigrants, as well as African Americans, getting assistance. I counter with the fact that he and many of our friends (All White) work under the table and I point out that hypocrisy. That usually ends in a shouting match.

He believes global warming is a hoax, he doesn't believe in evolution, the Russia investigation is a "witch hunt" and he regurgitates all the Fox News talking points.

I love him as a brother. No one, outside of my wife, is closer to me or has done more for me, or me for him.

We used to see each other once a week, now it's once a month, and we still argue.

I know the obvious solution is to agree to avoid talking politics. We tried that, but it eventually enters our discussions. I work for a labor union and he has a sister-in-law on Mass Health. If I talk about work or he talks about his family, it inevitably devolves from there. If others are with us, they will eventually talk about the issues of the day and then we are off and running. We try to keep our conversation on the sports teams in Boston (lucky for us, we have a lot of winning teams), but that only works for a short time. It was impossible yesterday to not talk about Hurricane Harvey and the impending storm, Irma, bearing down on either us (North East) or Florida, where we have family and friends. Up comes global warming and there goes the afternoon.

I was wondering does anyone at DU have a similar problem and how do you deal with it.

Labor Union Approval the highest in 14 Years---Gallup

<snip> highest percentage since the 65% approval recorded in 2003. The current labor union approval is up five percentage points from last year and is 13 points above the all-time low found in 2009<snip>


Could the 25th Amendment be the End Game for Trump Cabinet Detractors?

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Mattis, Cohn, Cho (McConnell's wife), Mnuchin (?) (could be playing possum), Kelly (I know, he doesn't really have a vote), Veteran's Affairs (after all, he's an Obama guy), even Sessions and Pence. Maybe even his family joins in (Ivanka, Jerod and Ivana). Add McConnell and Paul Ryan to the mix and this thing could be "Donald, either resign or we'll through you the fuck out!"

Could the time come that they reach a conclusion that this raving fucking maniac in the White House has to be expelled?

Rather than resign, could these cabinet members be engineering a "silent coup"?

Stranger things have happened.

The Floods in Texas are a Test for the Trump Administration

First of all, can we start out by saying that this event certainly is evidence that Climate Change is real.

I just heard that, by comparison, Harvey is far worse than the previous two floods in Houston. The interviewee went on to describe the two flooding events as "100 year events" which occurred over the past four years. If Houston is getting hit with two, one in 100 year events, and one once in 500 year events over a span of a half of a decade, what does that say to you?

The flooding is bad. My wife has relatives and friends in Houston, and we are worried. The real test of the Trump administration is how the aftermath of this disaster is handled. We can assess the immediate response in a couple of weeks, but the real test will be when homeowners who did not have flood insurance try to rebuild their homes and lives.

Trump cut $300 million from FEMA in his most recent budget. Homeowners who suffered in Katrina and Sandy are still fighting for their relief money. Let's see how this divisive, orange turd can navigate that budget item through Congress as a sustainable reinsurance for flood victims.

The Orange Asshole has already been tweeting out congratulations to his administration, while people are on roof tops. He has created distractions and controversies that have taken the focus off the disaster at hand. At a time that this Nation needs a steady, competent, knowledgeable leader, we have the exact opposite in charge of this country.

God Help Us All.
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