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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 22,559

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Ok, I quit smoking May 2nd 2005.........AND I SWEAR TO GAWD WHEN WATCHING OLD

MOVIES........I want to start smoking again. Why do they make it look so awesome. I remember smoking....loved it, and now.....I am having the start of lung cancer. Or how’s it spelled??? Emphysema?

Curious.....why did Kevin Bacon make it and Mickey Rourke really didn't.

Both were teen age actors......but Mickie Rourke really didn’t have the staying power like Kevin Bacon did.

Did I miss the discussion on Elizabeth Warren on Stephen Colbert Wednesday night???

Just watching my DVR’d copy of the Wednesday night Stephen Colbert with Elizabeth Warren.... ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Damn I love her.

Not sure if this goes here or not.........got a "live" phone call....."is Lisa's there?"

I say no, you must have the wrong phone number, a pause, and he says maybe you can help me, I’m from the police and police academy foundation, and I say no thanks and hung up. Like the cops need MY money to kill more innocent people. Heard that this is national police appreciation week. A couple of grade and high schools held a ceremony to honor the cops in our region.

and when does the advertising world TURN THEIR FAWKING ADVERTISEMENTS DOWN???

I thought there was some law that mandated ads wouldn’t be louder then the TV show we were watching...... I have to turn the sound down on damn near ALL advertising. 🤬 🤮 🤬 🤮 ☘️

Alien.......yikes is Sigourney Weaver a baby in this movie.....😳 😳 😳

1979 release. Forgot how much I really liked this movie. so well done, acted, story line, just a fantastic movie.

I'm sure I late with this and maybe I did miss it......the 5 million ransom WAS PAID???

I thought I heard they weren’t going to pay a ransom.

Question......my blue spruce has it's normal Spring growth, but I just noticed

a red growth where normal new growth should be on quite a few branches at the top of the tree. Ok, just did a web check, and they’re the female cones.....the males cones are usually at the bottom and the females are at the top which gives a better advantage for cross population. Never have seen the red cones before, so this is good to know. N

Conan O Brien.........has Sean Hayes on........AND I LOVE THEM. ❤️❤️❤️

Had our first feeding hummer yesterday!!!! So happy they're back.....had to laugh

on Sunday we had a hummer come to the place we’ve always hung the feeders and he just stares at the empty place where the feeders are usually hanging. So my husband makes the sugar water cocktail for the hummers and hangs it out and within two hours our first bird came to it. We are in SouthEastern MN on the Mississippi River. The Baltimore orioles have found the humming bird feeder too. Gotta get the oranges out for them.
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