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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 20,179

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Ok, that's it, I just can't stand him....

Will turn back when he answers questions.

Where is that graph that shows what few companies own the tv channels

Just thought about the NRA vs NY......

this is not going to be good for the Dems........ anyone who owns a gun or two will hear this, and thatís all the republicans have to show, is this video.

Had a chance to drive through my old neighborhood, it's been 20

years since I lived there. Was so happy to see at least 5 Biden lawn signs and ZERO tRump signs. I do have two tRumps signs in my neighborhood where I live now. One we understand, die hard tRump fans.....the other one is sorta a mystery.......they are a young family with 4 kids who have been home schooled for forever, not just thru this pandemic. Husband works and is on our city council, mother is stay at home mom. Ya just never know.

AND I SWEAR TO A GAWD, if tRump were to win again, I WILL MOVE TO MEXICO.

itís so reasonable living in Mexico. Ya think theyíll let me in??

I kinda wonder, if we didn't have this pandemic and the horrible race relations.....

would tRump be winning???

So I said earlier my phone died........and now I want to ask how do I buy a new phone....

Have been a Tracfone customer for at least the last 20 years........how do I buy different plan....

well, my tracfone died, I called them, tracfone, and they said yup.........my phone is gone.

so........pretty damn close to getting another "contract" phone, what's the best plan out there??? kinda like the tracfone mantra.......buy what you need......text, phone calls, data stuff, love the no contract stuff.......so, what plan or phone should I buy. and thanks.

my phone has a black scree, can't turn it on, can't get anything........it's a black screen.........

DO I NEED A NEW PHONE??? I've have never had this happen before,..........pluged it in, and it's still all black. NOTHING. HELP

Did I miss the photo contest winners??

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