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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,389

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Love this advertisement.......Kit Kat, talking pumpkin with horrible cut out face.

. ♥️

I didn't personally know anyone who had Covid the first go around......NOW??? I know of 3

in my personal extended circle. A husband and wife and a single women……both women are in my lunch group, and we meet every other week for lunch, and the man is the husband of one of the women. 3 people!!!! What the heck???

Ok, do I have to quit having a couple glasses of wine before dinner and a after dinner drink

to be able to have a full 7 - 8 hours of sleep every night???

Just saw another no name repub is going to challenge Tammy Baldwin.....

didn’t catch the name.

OMG another game show for prime time tv........."snake oil" WTH???

FOX has ordered an all-new game show, Snake Oil, hosted and produced by Emmy and Golden Globe Award-nominated comedian David Spade (SNL, Just Shoot Me) and executive-produced by Emmy nominee Will Arnett (LEGO Masters, Arrested Development), through his Electric Avenue Productions. In the show’s all-new original format, contestants are pitched unique products by convincing entrepreneurs – some of whom are showcasing real business ventures, while the others are “Snake Oil Salesmen” whose products are fake. With the help of guest celebrity advisors, contestants must determine which products are real and which are a sham, for a chance to win life-changing money. Snake Oil is set to debut during the 2023-2024 season on FOX.

“When FOX asked me to host their new show, I was flattered, said host Spade. “But then they told me it was about a shady snake oil salesman, and I was a little less flattered to be the guy that immediately comes to mind.”

“As someone who spends way too much time online shopping and specializes in buying random products I may never use, Snake Oil really speaks to me,” said Allison Wallach, President of Unscripted Programming, FOX Entertainment. “David Spade’s signature brand of irreverent comedy and Will Arnett’s ingenuity, combined with the most bizarre consumer products ever devised, creates an incredibly entertaining guessing game that embodies everything Snake Oil is all about.”


Ok, love the advertisement of "the front door" (an app for jobs around the house). I love the guy

who’s on his kitchen counter singing with backup singers wearing matching coveralls. Just love him. 😅 and it’s a catchy song.

and it's the women's final.........yikes, are the fans ramping up for Coco.

Come on Coco, up 4 - 0 in the 3rd set. The Grunted won the first set....Coco won the 2nd and now Coco is up 4 - 0 in the 3rd. Oh, and I do have it on mute. Ugh.........that noise on EVERY hit of the ball is damn annoying. So.....mute is my friend.

Men's semi finals at the US Tennis Open........some pretty damn good tennis.

#1 Carlos Alcaraz vs #3 Daniil Medvedev. OMGAWD. Some damn good tennis, yikes. Come on Carlos.

Damn, I just bought a huge bag of sugar for my hummers......and they've mostly flown the coop......

They are almost gone. I couldn’t keep my two feeders full enough, so, I buy a large bag of sugar thinking I’ve got the rest of September to feed them, and today both feeders look like they haven’t even been touched. I was filling the feeders twice a day for the last 3 weeks…….now, dang near nothing. I bet they’re moving on. I’ll just be getting the stragglers now.

and OMG. the detoilet lions just beat the Chiefs in Kansas City.......

😳 😳 😳
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