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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 20,875

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Yippie, lots and lots of monarchs.......

two of our neighbors have planted some plants that attract monarchs and both have at least 10 monarch on each plant. So happy......havenít seen these many monarchs in one place for a long time.

Ok, I am in love with John Legends advertisement where he is singing......

donít even know what heís selling........just such a catchy tune, wish it was longer, itís only 10 seconds long. ❤️

Sid?? Sid???

Where are you??? I need your awesome knowledge on the Kentucky Derby tomorrow......who ya betting on??

From our friend, Chris Cillizza.........but it's a problem isn't it?? Nancy's hair appt??

Nancy Pelosi is one of the -- if not the -- smartest political strategists in the Democratic Party. As such, she knows that appearances matter in politics. A lot. Which is why her decision to have her hair done indoors at a shop in San Francisco makes so little sense.

In security footage obtained by Fox News, Pelosi is shown inside the salon without a mask. Fox also reported that the owner of the salon, Erica Kious, was angry that Pelosi had been allowed to violate the rules put in place during the coronavirus pandemic that mandates haircuts can only be given outside. Kious said it was "a slap in the face that she went in, you know, that she feels that she can just go and get her stuff done while no one else can go in, and I can't work.ď


We are NEVER going to see tRumps tax returns are we.......

?????? Orange piece of shit is raising up in the polls??? 538's newest poll.

https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/trump-approval-ratings/?ex_cid=rrpromo. What the hell???

I'm sick.......went for our Sunday drive to get out of the house.......tRump signs

EVERYWHERE. 1 Biden sign, ONE, and it didnít even have Harris on it. I should have counted, I swear it was damn near every other home, or farm 25 miles from our home. All signs were in front of peopleís residences too, not like signs in vacant lots, they were in front of the homes and farms. I know it really means nothing, but damn it.........ONE BIDEN SIGN. We are getting ours tomorrow and there will be at least 5 Biden/Harris signs in our small town, with 3 tRump signs.

Hey love that advertisement of s'mores.........but my husband came up with a better alternative

then that fat non melted Hershey bar........use Keebler chocolate covered graham crackers and large marshmallows. Perfect......and no none melted chocolate. Yummmmmmm

Where do I find the state to state Senate races numbers???


Love the little kid in front.......and look at tRump not even holding onto him....

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