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a kennedy

a kennedy's Journal
a kennedy's Journal
January 30, 2014

Dear President Obama: How to Survive a Bill O’Reilly Interview

Really enjoyed this article:

Brian Lowry
TV Columnist

Dear President Obama:

You might not realize this, but ever since it was announced that Bill O’Reilly would interview you again on Super Bowl Sunday, he’s been strategizing – sometimes on air – about how best to conduct the conversation.

And while I suspect you have handlers who are charged with preparing you for these bouts, most of them probably aren’t as familiar with the tale of the tape on an unpredictable foe like O’Reilly as I am.

For starters, while this might be just another interview for you, it’s a major event for Bill, especially since this might be his last crack at you during your presidency, and almost certainly his last exposure on this sort of vast stage for several years.

Moreover, O’Reilly will relive this moment by chewing over, analyzing and running clips for days to come. (Just to make sure the reviews are good, he’ll enlist sycophants like Bernard Goldberg and Dennis Miller to reassure him how great he was.)

O’Reilly not only does this sort of thing every day, but he takes pride in presenting himself as the kind of hard-nosed reporter and surrogate for “the folks” who won’t give you a pass, unlike all those mainstream news outlets. And because he does have a way of interrupting and saying unexpected things, he can easily put even a skilled communicator off his game.

So if you want to survive an O’Reilly interview without him laying a glove on you — from the president on down to an ordinary guest — here are some steps to follow:

Flatter him. (Key phrase: “I respect what you do.”) Like a lot of news talent, O’Reilly has a healthy ego. He’s just a bigger, more exaggerated version – Papa Bear, as Stephen Colbert puts it. Getting an “atta boy” from the President of the United States can’t help but turn his head a little, even if many of his viewers see you as a socialist who is secretly trying to destroy America.

Establish rank early. (Key phrase: “Please let me finish my thought.” Repeat if necessary.) OK, this one obviously doesn’t apply to everyone. O’Reilly does a nice job keeping guests off balance by interrupting them. You’ll have to remind him – a few times, probably – that you are the President of the United States, not some professor from a liberal-arts college he booked as a straw man to slap around.


January 30, 2014

Willamette football player comes out as bisexual

After years of feeling somewhat alone in the world, Conner Mertens, a 19-year-old red-shirt freshman kicker for Willamette (Ore.) University football team, finally has found some peace.

Last week, the student-athlete told his coach, Glen Fowles, that he is bisexual, that he has a boyfriend — and on Monday he announced it to the rest of the world in the name of helping and inspiring other LGBT athletes, students, and people like him.

"Hi, I'm Conner," he said as he sat down with a big smile on his face, his teammates and coach on either side of him, and he dug into the issue with confidence.

"I want to end stereotypes and stigmas that go along with what it means to like the same sex or be attracted to the same sex," said Mertens at the small press conference held Tuesday at Sparks Athletic Center at Willamette University.

On Monday, Mertens was in the Willamette University men's locker room with his teammates and coaches, who had gathered to discuss his announcement. Mertens typed out a letter and handed out copies for everyone to read. Wade Davis, a former NFL player, also was present to talk with the team. The team's reaction was a positive one.

Jack Nelson, a junior inside linebacker for Willamette as well as Mertens' teammate, said it wasn't a big deal to the team.

"We care about Conner as an individual, and that's just a part of him," said Nelson. "We're going to support him in that fashion, but we're also we care about him as a player.


January 29, 2014

Court Denies Stephen Glass Ability To Practice Law........ of "Shattered Glass" movie fame

(One of my favorite movies with Hayden Christensen as main actor. )

The California Supreme Court on Monday denied a law license to a disgraced former journalist who was caught fabricating dozens of stories for major national magazines.

The unanimous seven-judge court ruled that Stephen Glass had insufficiently rehabilitated himself in the years since his misdeeds, saying he "failed to carry his heavy burden of establishing his rehabilitation and current fitness."

Glass' misdeeds stunned the profession when they were uncovered in 1998. His widely publicized fall from grace earned the rising star a prominent place in the pantheon of journalistic cheats and scoundrels such as Janet Cooke and Jayson Blair — two prominent reporters caught fabricating quotes, sources and entire stories.

Glass' ethical missteps were turned into the Hollywood movie "Shattered Glass" and recounted in his novel "The Fabulist," for which he earned $190,000.

Glass, 41, now works as a paralegal for a Los Angeles law firm and lives in a suburb. Through his lawyer, Glass declined an interview request.

Attorney Jon Eisenberg said his client "appreciates the court's consideration of his application and respects the court's decision."



January 25, 2014

Liam Neeson slams Mayor de Blasio over shutdown of carriage horses Read more: http://www.irishcent

Irish actor Liam Neeson has slammed Mayor Bill de Blasio for his attempt to end the carriage horse industry in Central Park, claiming a “land grab” could be underway.

In a strongly worded letter Neeson states, “I was appalled to learn of your intent to obliterate one of the most deep rooted icons of our city!...

“The horse drawn carriage industry is an integral part of this city and has been since the early 1860s. It has been serving New Yorkers and tourists alike for generations. I have heard you declaring it inhumane and not fitting with the fabric of our city. I am compelled to strongly challenge these declarations.”

Neeson goes on to say that the horses are well looked after, “These horses are well cared for, provided for and, perhaps, most importantly of all, have a job, in one of the world’s most bucolic settings, Central Park.”

He also voices the suspicion shared by many in the carriage industry that some of the animal rights advocates calling for the ban are more interested in making a land grab for the properties the stables are built on than they are in the welfare of the horses they house.

Many of these advocates are members of NYCLASS (New Yorkers for Clean, Liveable and Safe Streets), and a number of them, such as chief supporter and real estate mogul Steve Nislick, have deep professional roots in New York real estate and development. They contributed $1.3 million to the mayor’s campaign.

Neeson asks “Why don’t you come to the stables, meet with the business owners and see the conditions first hand?

“History teaches us that land grabs can manifest themselves in various ways. We all know the land on which these 4 stables sit is most valuable. Please do not become complicit in this type of practice.”


January 25, 2014

Woohoo 57 days until St. Patrick's Day!!! and here are the top 10 facts about Irish Americans.....

1. Nine signatories of the Declaration of Independence.

2. 253 Irish-born men received a Medal of Honor.

3. 34.1 million claim Irish ancestry.

4. 153,248 Irish-born.

5. 68.9 % homeowners.

6. 24.1% Boston Irish.

7. 34.2% completed higher education.

8. $59,220 - median income.

9. 16 Dublins in USA.

10. First St. Patrick’s Day in the World!


and HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY, just a tad early.

January 24, 2014

Frankel legacy: the million dollar foal?

Rarely has an animal birth been more hotly anticipated but the equine answer to the Royal Baby has taken its first tentative steps at the home of racing, Newmarket in eastern England.

On Sunday, Song produced the first filly to the superstar stallion Frankel at the National Stud, and despite it being just a few days old, the expectation on it to succeed on the racecourse is already huge.

An anticipated 130 foals will be born to Frankel in 2014, none of which will race for two years but with the potential for some sporting sibling rivalry come 2016 at the earliest.
Song is owned by Khalid Abdul Rahim, of Bahrain, who paid $1.3 million for the mare when she was already in foal to Frankel.

Director of The National Stud Brian O'Rourke described the new offspring as "a very nice quality, athletic individual," adding that both "mare and foal are doing well."
There is even footage online of the foal taking some of its first steps in Newmarket. Mother and foal will stay together for at least five months.


Getting excited for this years horse racing season.....

January 24, 2014

Bieber: 'What the f*** did I do?' Teen idol's spirited reaction to police who arrested him.

spirited reaction, what?? what the f*** did I do is spirited?? Wow. and I know the f word is used a lot....but spirited?? But what other word would describe his language. He's 19. Just asking.

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