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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,430

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Heisman Winner Jameis Winston Arrested For Stealing Crab Legs

This guy is just a loser.....ugh.

Donald Sterling should be thanking current Heisman Trophy winner, Florida State’s own Jameis Winston. Why? He’s taking some attention off him. Twitter has blown up with the news Winston was allegedly arrested for stealing crab legs from a Publix.
According to tomahawknation.com, Winston was issued a citation Tuesday for shoplifting crab legs from Publix. It was a misdemeanor arrest, according to multiple sources.
I have no clue why Winston would want to do this. He did win the Heisman — and the NCAA has just recently changed their ruling that college athletes can have unlimited amounts of food.


Minimum wage initial vote lost.....


C-SPIN now......Ted Cruz.....not even sure what he's talking about....

but he just gives me the creeps.....



it's killing them.....it's killing them, they can't handle that, and it's all coming to the top.....JMHO

Is it me, or are there more newbies ragging on what the POTUS and Liberals do and stand for.......

for some reason, I'm feeling like I kinda don't like DU to much anymore.....our original topics and discussions were so positive about what the Democrats and Liberals thought about and lived by and were DOING.....now it's like DU has become the site of "naysayers, and could ofs, and what should have beens". I'm thinking about starting a new site like the original DU used to be. Who's with me.....and do you have any money to start such a new place. Just saying......DU has become a place that the Lounge is more comfortable then the political and general topics area are. JMHO.

Yikes, so Keith O really does HATE MSNBC..... oh my....

We already knew Keith Olbermann wasn't watching MSNBC. And now we know why.

The former MSNBC host responded to a tweet on Wednesday explaining why he will not watch the network:

"No. It's like watching friends in a crashing car w/a drunk driver RT @Brian8473 Do you ever look at the hot mess that is @msnbc and giggle?"

Olbermann parted ways with MSNBC in 2011 after the unexpected cancellation of his show. He has since said that he stopped watching MSNBC in 2009, meaning that he was not watching his own network for more than a year while he was still working there.

Still, comparing your old network to the scene of a drunk driving car crash is pretty harsh.


Yikes, these eaglets are growing so fast.....

http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles all look healthy and happy, although the 3rd one, is a tad small.

Considering dropping my WPR contribution......

I have always given to my local NPR station which is Wisconsin Public Radio.....well, this past week I get the call for the yearly donation and when I received the reminder of contribution notice, this was sent along with the request:

"To assist Wisconsin Public Radio Association, Inc. ("WPR" in reaching its members by phone to ask for their support, the paid professional fundraiser, Aria Communications Corporation, 717 West St. Germain St., St. Cloud, MN 56301, 320-259-5206 was contracted for this campaign. Illinois: Contracts and reports regarding the charity are on file with the Illinois Attorney General. This solicitation is being made by a paid professional fundraiser.

Professional fundraiser company doing the begging now??? I'm d*mn near tempted to NOT JOIN AGAIN.

Very upset with this.


Whatdaya think??

I'm terribly embarrassed, but I need grammar help on this little poem please.......

It's for my husband's anniversary card....can someone please correct anything wrong in the grammar department....and thank you.

As in the essence of the Opal......

The ups and downs,

The positives and negatives,

The happy’s the sad’s,

The laughs the cries....

All facets of our 34 years.....

Together, I’ll love you forever.

OMGosh.....the battle of the network stars.....

ABE NBC AND CBS dueling it out on some ESPN channel. What a riot. Howard Cossell (sp) is the announcer and Bob Ueker is the commissioner. Anyone else watching? The outfits.....yikes.
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