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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
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Just finished watching "The Switch".......

Jason Bateman is pretty good in it.......but the kid, how can his parents have blue eyes, and the kid ends up with brown.....kinda bugs me. Jennifer Anniston is the mother and she is playing the same old part she always plays. Not that great a flick. Anyone else?

Yikes, the eagles are all grown up......

http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles seems like they were just eggs a few days ago..... wow.

Burke says toll roads 'on the table'....

What the hell is this??? I honestly thought that every gas tax that was raised WAS FOR ROAD CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR!!! This is nuts. D*mn.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke said Tuesday she'd consider toll roads in Wisconsin to help pay for infrastructure she says is crucial to the state's economy.

"I think we should have all the options out on the table, and certainly, toll roads present one of those options, and it's something I would consider," Burke told reporters at a noisy construction site near the ongoing Zoo Interchange project.

Burke said if elected, she'd first review the state budget to see if better prioritizing would solve the issue of funding highway and other infrastructure needs.

Burke questioned Gov. Scott Walker's efforts to prioritize such needs, saying he's taking GPR money to pay for road projects while also adding to the state's long-term debt. She added her concern is "that we're going ahead and spending money without knowing exactly how we are going to pay for things."

"Infrastructure and transportation are absolutely critical to growing Wisconsin's economy," Burke said. "Being ninth out of 10 Midwestern states in terms of job growth is not where we should be. We should be leading, not lagging and making sure that we're making the type of investments necessary."

On the other hand, Burke said projects should be analyzed in advance to make sure they're really needed.

Walker spokeswoman Alleigh Marre said the governor's most recent budget invested more than $6 billion to improve the state's roads, bridges and railways without raising taxes. That figure includes federal funding.

"We are still repaying the Doyle Administration's raid of over $1 billion in transportation funding -- a move Mary Burke defended," Marre said. "That's not responsible budgeting and it's not what Wisconsin citizens deserve from their governor."


When the cleaning instruction tag on clothing says turn inside out to wash....

does that include keeping it turned inside out for drying too?? I never know if I should turn the item back to right side, or leave it turned inside out when putting it in the dryer?

Do you believe in superstitions? How a misspelling could bring luck.....

Yikes..... I saw the Belmont race with Smarty Jones on Video..... And not that there's any correlation with the Jones and the Chrome, but..... They were and are both "the people's horse"....Smarty came in second in the Belmont Stakes race because, I think the jockey started him way to early on his stretch run.....JMHO, and Smarty just ran out of gas...... I hope California Chrome waits until a shorter stretch run to make his powerful move......he's got to win this next race..the Belmont. Everyone loves a triple crown winner. Oh...mad about that superstition title here? Read what I posted here :


And sorry I got off on another topic.

Dan Kilkenny to run for Wisconsin's 11th state Senate District

anyone know about him outside of what's written here?? This is my favorite draft beer....Kilkenny, and it's the birth place of some of my relatives in Ireland.

Today, lifelong Walworth County resident Dan Kilkenny announced his candidacy for Wisconsin’s 11th State Senate District. He seeks to restore political checks and balance to Wisconsin.

“I am proud to announce my candidacy for Wisconsin’s 11th State Senate District,” said Dan Kilkenny. “I love my community, and I’m excited to go to Madison to restore checks and balance to our government and introduce the common sense solutions that the people of the 11th State Senate District need. It’s time we put a stop to partisan bickering. I will represent all residents of south central Wisconsin in Madison.”

Dan knows that Wisconsin needs solutions, and that principles are more important than party loyalty. Dan knows that partisan fighting and the infusion of out-of-state campaign cash have diminished our constitutional right to a representative Democracy. It is time to bring checks and balance back to Madison. No party should have complete control of our government.

Dan will support Wisconsin’s common values of family, fairness, and freedom. Dan believes that everyone should have the right and opportunity to achieve the American Dream. He will oppose the special interests that harm hardworking families and citizens.

Dan has always been very active in his community. He currently serves as an elected Supervisor on the Walworth County Board and the Town Board of Darien. After receiving his law degree from University of Wisconsin in 1982, Dan returned to Delavan to open his own small business. As a small business owner and lifelong community member, Dan understands what it takes to create jobs that bolster Wisconsin communities. Dan was married for thirty years to his wife Debbie, who passed away in 2010. He has an adult son, Nicholas.


Brees speaks out against Louisiana workers’ compensation bill

Drew Brees will not support the Saints’ efforts to pass a bill that the NFL Players Association says will limit the amount of workers’ compensation benefits the state’s professional athletes can collect, Ramon Antonio Vargas of the Baton Rouge Advocate reports.

“Don’t get involved in politics often but Fighting 4 my teammates & LA workers,” Brees said Tuesday on Twitter. Referring to the name of the proposed measure, Brees added, “Say NO to Bill 1069” and linked to an information sheet on the legislation from the NFLPA.

Passed in the Louisiana House of Representatives last week and headed to the Senate for consideration, the bill seeks to calculate workers’ compensation wage-loss benefits for hurt professional athletes on earnings up to the point of an injury — and not for earnings that would have been made if not for an injury. The language is based on rulings from a state circuit court of appeal in Jefferson Parish.


EMILY's List says defeating Scott Walker a top priority

Defeating Republican Gov. Scott Walker and electing Democrat Mary Burke will be a top priority for the pro-abortion rights group EMILY’s List, its spokeswoman Marcy Stech said Tuesday.

Stech would not say how much the well-funded Washington-based group, which backs female candidates who support abortion rights, plans to spend on the race. EMILY’s List and its partners were major players in Wisconsin’s 2012 Senate race, spending nearly $5 million to help elect Tammy Baldwin over Republican Tommy Thompson.

Outside spending in this year’s governor’s race is expected to be significant, especially given Walker’s rising national prominence and possible 2016 presidential run. Walker, who was in New York City on Tuesday for a Republican National Committee fundraiser, has also proven himself capable of luring huge donations and support nationwide.

Total spending in Walker’s first run for governor broke $36 million, the highest ever for a governor’s race. That record was shattered in 2012 when Walker was forced to stand for a recall election following passage of a law effectively ending collective bargaining for most public workers. Spending during the recall hit $81 million. Normal campaign finance limits did not apply during much of that race due to rules governing recall elections.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, which tracks spending on elections in the state, has estimated this year’s governor’s race between Burke and Walker could top $40 million.


Watch Jon Stewart Tell Off Rush Limbaugh: #F*@KYOURUSH

Anyone see this?? I've got it taped.....

Jon Stewart set Twitter on fire Monday night and into Tuesday morning with a message for Rush Limbaugh: #F*@KYOURUSH.

Stewart featured a report on the Boko Haram terrorists holding more than 200 schoolgirls hostage in Nigeria, and the #BringBackOurGirls campaign on Twitter in support of efforts to save them.

But on his radio show, the conservative host ripped the effort, even calling a photo of First Lady Michelle Obama with a #BringBackOurGirls sign "pathetic."

And that prompted Stewart into an epic takedown of Limbaugh.

"You know what Rush, you're right," Stewart said. "Sometimes the world has to choose sides."

Showing a photo of Malala Yousufzai with a #BringBackOurGirls sign and one of Rush, he gave viewers a chance to choose sides.

"So that's our choice: Malala or Rush -- the quivering rage heap who is apparently desperately trying to extinguish any remaining molecule of humanity that might still reside in the Chernobyl-esque superfund cleanup site that was his soul," said Stewart. "Who should we choose? Well I don't know, why don't we tweet our votes to hashtag #F*@KYOURUSH."


Tom Brady is now the second-best looking quarterback for the New England Patriots

http://www.outsports.com/2014/5/9/5701770/tom-brady-jimmy-gaoppolo-nfl-draft-new-england-patriots Oh my, that Jimmy is a good looking guy. Whew.....
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