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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
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Who else enjoys the female's voice in the dish hopper advertisements?

Love her...... Rebel Wilson viva duck duck go. Love her voice, perfect.


White House chef Sam Kass and MSNBC host Alex Wagner got married, and the first family was there....

http://www.usatoday.com/story/theoval/2014/08/30/obama-sam-kass-alex-wagner-wedding/14880067/ can not believe how grown up the girls look!!! The look wonderful as does the FLOTUS. Love Alex Wagner also....

My program says Da Bears are playing the Browns on the NFL network....

But it's showing Houston at Denver? What's going on?

Saw my first Monarch butterfly.....it landed on my hanging plant!!!

Wish I could show you the photo but I don't know how to get my photos from my camera to my ipad.....and stupid me, I didn't take the photo WITH my ipad. Dah. it was so graceful how it almost floated from flower to flower. Beautiful.

The day to day discrimination of African Americans......

Just weeks after their first effort was thrown out of court, several minority bar owners have filed a new lawsuit that accuses Racine city officials and the tavern league of violating their civil rights by corruptly conspiring to run them out of business.

The new suit sharpens its accusations that white tavern owners bribed the Racine mayor to tilt the city’s enforcement efforts in their favor.

A federal judge just last month dismissed the plaintiffs’ first lawsuit, calling it so broad and vague as to be “virtually functionless.” But U.S. District Judge J.P. Stadtmueller said their underlying claims may have merit, and should be investigated further through the discovery process. He allowed them to amend, narrow and clarify their complaint.

At 119 pages, the new complaint would not appear much narrower or more focused, though it has fewer plaintiffs and fewer defendants. The length comes from the extra detail that purports to show a conspiracy among some Racine officials and area business owners to make it harder for minority-owned bars to make it in the city, including claimed cash bribes and false campaign finance reports.

The suit contends that since 2006, the city has “waged war” on downtown businesses owned or patronized by minorities, purportedly over crime issues, while turning a blind eye to similar conduct at white-owned and patronized bars. In notes that by the end of 2013, there were no minority-owned bars downtown.


Original article is here: http://www.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/racine-tavern-owners-re-file-discrimination-suit-b99335580z1-272196241.html (I've lost my "free" articles for the month, so hope you can read behind the block". Sorry.

and oh yah, we're way past discrimination, we voted for and he, an African American won the presidential election, twice.

How Fox News silenced Obama on race

This article originally appeared on Media Matters.

The lament has spread all across the media spectrum this week, as the crisis in Ferguson, Missouri unfolds and people search for answers to the police killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown.

“Obama Should Go To Ferguson, Pronto,” urged a Businessweek headline, beseeching the president to fill a leadership vacuum on the ground in Missouri. “Obama, can’t you see black anger in Ferguson?” asked Marc Lamont Hill in a CNN essay. Writing at Daily Beast, Stuart Stevens lamented that Obama had “lost faith in his voice in Ferguson”; that he was “increasingly uncomfortable with the role of healer-in-chief,” while theWashington Post’s Joel Achenbach urged Obama to give another “national address” on race because that’s what the crisis demands.

Maureen Dowd’s New York Times column today’s mocks Obama as a “the most ordinary of men” with a “bored-bird-in-a-gilded-cage attitude” who is unwilling to engage with the issue of racial strife.

Most of the of the do-something commentary has adopted the same premise: Obama could help the Ferguson crisis by giving a speech about race or addressing the situation more forcefully, but he won’t. He won’t use his powers. (See: The Green Lantern theory that Obama could convince a recalcitrant GOP Congress to pass legislation if he only tried.)

That premise though, and most of the commentary, completely ignores the corrosive role of the right-wing media in America, how it has spent years trying to silence and intimidate Obama on the topic of race, and how it’s used some of the most offensive, guttural rhetoric and personal attacks to do so.


I do not understand how limballs can still be on the air.....he's just horrible with his attacks on POTUS

Yikes, good skin?? here's a video to show what happens to it with sun exposure......

Hope this works.

on Frontline now....."the program" Edward Snowden

yikes.....this is how it all went down.

Youth Olympics I. China"..........

OMG ......... Absolutely awe inspiring...... AND THEY'RE IN CHINA. OMG. AWESOME.

How much start up money would I receive to start a NON alcoholic beer, wine and booze company?

Have friends that have given up alcohol for a number of reasons..... And we got talking about how all the great advertisements are alcohol related, and that there ARE NO ALCOHOLIC beverages that really "taste" good. When in a liquor store, the store is just full of alcoholic beverages and the non-alcoholic area is in the back or in the worst area of the store. We wondered if we could start a new trend of non alcoholic everything. If a start up company could get seed money to test great tasting non alcoholic beverages, the sky could be the limit right??? Or is alcohol the only ingredient that sells. Just curious....... Would be a ground breaking event if it would work, eh?
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