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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,389

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Yikes, the Decorah Eagles might lose their home to squatters......

http://wqad.com/2015/01/30/watch-decorah-eagles-nest-hijacked-by-great-horned-owls/ but how cool would that be, two nests to watch, Great Horned Owls, AND Bald Eagles..... that would be A W E S O M E.

Super Bowl 2016 to be held in San Francisco is going to be minus the roman numerals.....

Will be Super Bowl 50. and the Packers are going to win it. GO PACKERS GO. and actually that'll be perfect they won the 45, and will win the 50 how cool is that.


Sorry, should post this in the political forum, but this was just to sick to not post it here.....

http://twitter.com/rick_wiley/status/559024050681307137/photo/1 http://host.madison.com/ct/news/local/city-life/conservatives-all-atwitter-over-scott-walker-s-presidential-coming-out/article_81ed76d0-a41e-11e4-8685-7fd69fb9083a.html

I swear I'm gonna hurl.....

Fat man Christy tell repubs to r e l a x .......WTH??

Can't he come up with his own code word instead of using Aaron Rodger's, soon to be MVP's word?? Ugh..... http://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2015/01/16/newday-inside-politics-christie-tells-republicans-to-relax.cnn

Watching Kelly & Michael......only because I heard Aaron Rodger's girlfriend

is going to be on. But, Michael isn't on Anderson cooper is.....AND He's doing a great job. Oh, Olivia Munn is Aaron's girl friend, and she's on to promote her movie with Johnny Depp, " Mortdechi".

Fox says Dish 'censoring' the news Fox personality makes claim in a commercial

"censoring what you see" now, this just makes my sides split with laughter......

As Fox News enters its fourth week without carriage on the Dish Network, it is making a sensational new charge: "They're censoring what you see."

Bill O'Reilly says so in a new commercial that Fox began to televise over the weekend.

"Dish has dropped Fox News. Now you should drop Dish," O'Reilly declares.

The ad is a dramatic escalation in the war of words between the cable news channel, a unit of Twenty-first Century Fox, and Dish, the satellite company that delivers TV to 14 million households.

Dish declined to comment on Sunday.

Fox News and its sibling Fox Business Channel were blacked out in Dish Network homes on December 22 -- the latest in a series of contract disputes between Dish and various channel owners. The two channels have been missing ever since.

CNN and other Turner Broadcasting channels were blacked out for a month in November. The channels are back now.

Every minute of the day, Fox News has an average of 1 million people watching at home -- far higher than CNN's 400,000 viewers or MSNBC's 350,000 viewers.

During prime time, Fox's audience spikes -- O'Reilly sometimes reaches 3 million viewers at night. Fox routinely ranks as one of the most popular channels on cable.

Presumably, then, Fox has a lot of leverage in the dispute. But the blackout has dragged on for weeks, indicating that Dish is willing to alienate some of Fox's most loyal fans.


Ok, so I venture to both C-SPIN channels....U S House, and the Senate.......

Such smug faces of the "in charge" Repubs...... Such smug faces.....passage of the pipeline, repeal of ACA and just the d*mn attitude of we're in charge. I'm turning the channels. Ugh...... Why did I even go there.

Guess I'll be hanging out here a lot more often......

Can't live through what's happening out there. Repubs everywhere. Total control of my birth State, control of the House and Senate, and their stupid faces on tons of channels. I weep for my country.

And Detoilet is taking it to the Cowpies.....yikes.....

They sure came to play. Wow. So glad the Packers played the Kitties Of last week....

Oh my, watching "A Football Life" 2006 Rose Bowl......OMGAWD......

USE against Texas it's billed as possible the best Rose Bowl game in history.......and it delivers. NFL Network knows how to do these shows. Riviting. Anyone see it?
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