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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,389

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Anyone else sick of that trivago ad man??

Even when they try to clean him up he still reminds me of a loser. Ugh.... Or is it just me.

oh and again they've got ANOTHER two weeks of vacation.....

Congeress... What the hell do they get so many weeks of vacation for??? and NOW in Wisconsin, workers can volunteer for weekend work. Like their employers will say "you're volunteering to work this weekend aren't you?" and if they don't ...well then they might just get fired.

OMGOSH.......Kansas and Wichita State in the NCAA basketball tournament.....

Camera just showed Brownback on the big screen, AND EVERYONE IN THE PLACE WAS BOOING...... and I think his wife was just kinda confused about it....didn't realize they were on the big screen, and couldn't believe the fans would be booing her husband. Ya right lady one of the worst governors in the country and she couldn't believe the fans would boo your loser husband.

For 2016 Run, Scott Walker Washes ‘Wiscahnsin’ Out of His Mouth

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Out on the presidential campaign trail, Gov. Scott Walker has left “Wiscahnsin” back home in Wisconsin. He now wants to strengthen the economy, not the “ecahnahmy.” And while he once had the “ahnor” of meeting fellow Republicans, he told one group here this week that he simply enjoyed “talkin’ with y’all.”

The classic Upper Midwest accent — nasal and full of flat a’s — is one of several Walker trademarks to have fallen away this month after an intense period of strategizing and coaching designed to help Mr. Walker capitalize on his popularity in early polls and show that he is not some provincial politician out of his depth.

He is tailoring his pitch to his audiences — wearing pullover sweaters in earth-tone colors in one early primary state, New Hampshire, and discussing the power of prayer in another, here in South Carolina. He has reined in his rambling speeches, at least compared with his recorded remarks over the years. He is trying to listen more and opine less, associates say, and he is easygoing with voters — a contrast with his pugilistic reputation from his successful battle against Wisconsin labor unions, which made him a hero to many conservatives.

“When I told Governor Walker that I went to the University of Alabama, he started rattling off Alabama players on the Green Bay Packers,” said Rod Benfield, a South Carolina Republican who came away from a state party fund-raising event on Thursday “very impressed” with Mr. Walker. “We talked football for five minutes. Politics never came up.”


Anyone see those advertisements with Shaquille and Christian Leattner

And a couple other basketball greats? They're very funny.....


OMGOSH......watching brain games.....

On the national geographic channel...... It's pretty cool..... I'm not doing that great...but, as usual WAY TO MANY ADVERTISEMENTS. UGH..... So am going to be taping them from now on.....

I'm sorry....I can't stand ALL the women on every sports channel!!!!!

Ugh...who are they really?? Athletes?? Or just eye candy. Can't stand it, or them. Ugh..... And sorry JMHO.

Battle Creek anyone?

Pretty funny, a Vince Gillian creation.


OMGOSH..... Bates Motel Season starts on Monday.....

I love this show.....


Hope you do too......

Volunteer for a SEVEN DAY WORK WEEK???.. Is that insane or just another slap

In the face of workers in Wisconsin??? Some a**hole in the Wisconsin Assembly is suggesting this. Is NOTHING SACRED???? OMG Volenteer for 7 days of work at a low paying job and not get a break AT ALL. I'm sick.....just sick at what the h*ll has happened to my beloved birth state.
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