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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,389

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Women's semi...... Serena and my 3rd favorite, outside any American woman....

Radwanska. Love this woman's game, all round great player, BUT, I want Serena to win.

OMGosh someone threw a tomato at tRump after he called Bernie a communist!!!!!

Donald Trump faced a tough crowd last night in Iowa City, leaving the stage early after constant boos, whistles, and even tomatoes thrown by protesters.

The tomatoes were thrown after the billionaire Republican front-runner called Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders a communist, according to Daily Iowan reporter Brent Griffiths.

You can see the two tomatoes flying toward Trump in the first 10 seconds of this video:


I thought they were going to crack down on the screaming/grunting at the tennis

matches??? Young player from China is getting pretty loud...... I hate having to watch with the mute on.

Ha Ha, I knew people were leaving Wisconsin ......now there's proof.....

and I'm sure it's because of Wanker......ugh.

Report: More people moving out of Wisconsin
Move residents leaving than arriving during recent years

A study of migration patterns shows that more people are moving out of Wisconsin than moving to Wisconsin.

According to the report from moving company Atlas Van Lines, Wisconsin was ranked seventh among states seeing the most people leaving:

Hawaii (62 percent)
New York (61.8 percent)
Illinois (61.7 percent)
South Dakota (60 percent)
Wyoming (59.5 percent)
Indiana (59.3 percent)
Wisconsin (58.6 percent)

Wisconsin has seen more people leaving than coming for many years, but the difference has grown over the last two years.


It's National Hug Day.......

Holy crap.....I just saw David Gregory on panel on FAUX????

I watch that channel to see what their hot topics are......and he's on an "all star panel" ???

Anyone watch the chew??? Where is Clinton Kelly??

He to me IS the show.....along with Michael, but when Clinton is gone, I don't bother watching. Anyone know where he is?

OMGOSH it's the Australian Open..... Serena is playing right now....... eom

I just do not like this haggling between them....... eom


Hate it or love it......these corporations DO A FANTASTIC JOB AT SELLING IT.......AM I RIGHT???
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