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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,389

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Higher ground.....on Saturday night on Public Radio.

OMGAWD......A W E S O M E ..... all Nations, all Countries, MUSIC FROM ALL OVER. My ears are on fire. My love of all these Nations, and Countries is making me weep, how beautiful how all encompassing and soon will be blown off the map when tRump gets in office. I so hope I'm wrong........ I weep for all mankind.

aaaaaaack.....my remote isn't working.....and no technician close by, will have to watch TV

in the kitchen on the kitchen chairs.....d*mn. I hate that I've become so attached to that d*mn remote. But I do like to watch football in comfort, and not on my kitchen chairs. Probably Monday the woman said, as we can't drop off the not working remote at their office.

How do I find out about my warnings just got my second...and don't know the limit of warnings.

And really when do I find out if they were overturned. Thank you

Woohoo, I've a new channel to watch now that I'm not watching ANY news channels.....

It's the yule log, and they've got kitties, doggies, cats and dogs. So cool......going all night through tomorrow. Love it. It's on one of the Hallmark channels. We get two. I think it's the movies and mystery channel.

What the hell is this article about??? I think I have misread it.....

The gulf states are in worse shape now then when President Obama took office in 2008??? Is that true??


Have a tracfone and am getting close to dropping it and getting on the

REAL cell phone boat. What carrier is the best and I mostly do texting...... any help would be greatly appreciated....oh, and what phones are really the best?? iPhone?? Android?? Thanks again.

Anyone else love the hallmark channel movies??

Hey I know it stinks, but they are the only channel that gets me through this shit, the post election shit. I used to watch ALL the political shows on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and yes, the dabble in faux noise. NOT ANYMORE..... I'm done with them. It Christmas time on the Love channel. I feel so much more relaxed....calm, together, at peace.

How can he NOT have a traveling press corps???

I despise this orange lump of crap.

Can I just say again.....thank you DU,

I'm posting like mad, and am sorry, probably just pent up aggression from all that has and will be happening. I just want to say thank you for this being my place of refuge, and comfort. I love you all.
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