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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,389

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The draft.? It's sports meets Hollywood.

and they make more then we would EVER make in our lifetime. so...who makes us feel like ..............FELLING THE BERN.

Hey.....anyone watching the NFL draft??

Loved how all the advertisements leading up to the draft DIDN'T have Johnny football in any of their advertisements..... cause he's such a loser, and might end up in jail soon.

Will make you sick......but it's awesome......bike rider with balls.


Need the site from the guardian that has the candidates on scaffolding painting in their voters....

Love that one......found the past ones....would like it from today. Thank you.

Is saying thank you out of style???

My god son and he is also my nephew and his family, 3 kids, and his wife, NEVER, ever say thank you for anything we've given them. Money for each birthday, and money for their anniversary as examples. Today it really ticked me off. My nephew's wife was in a car accident a couple of days ago. Thank gawd she wasn't hurt. We sent $1000.00 to them and when I told them last Friday they'd be receiving it today, could they let me know when they receive it, as I was a tad nervous of mailing it through UPS. So, I just texted him to see if he received it, and he said oh yes, and that it was very appreciated. I guess I just feel a tad slighted that THEY didn't let us know until we asked them if they had received it. Is that wrong??

OMGOSH.....there's a red carpet show prior to the NFL draft show on Thursday night!!!

When did the NFL become so glamorized?? I really don't care what the potential NFL football players ARE WEARING!!! It's one and a half hour long program on the NFL Network.

Perfect pitch 2


Is it a bad or good idea to delete past history???

I clear history on my iMac but then on my iPad all my sign on's and passwords are all erased, and I have to individually enter them again. Why does this happen only on my iPad?? I don't lose my passwords on the iMac. Crazy. Is it even a good idea to delete previous history?? Thanks.

and oh my gawd......The Good Wife is soooooooooo good.

What?? 3 episodes left?? It's a great show. forgot to mention, I'm going to miss it when it's gone.

So who won the debate???

or did I miss this topic..... and wow crowds were out in force for the Bern Man.
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