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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,430

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What are the best type of bed sheets for summer??

I've heard percale?? And to make sure there are at least 300 count.

When did Serena's coach become so important and talking

on set??? I don't remember him being so available to the talking heads......or is it just me??

How long do you think Alex Baldwin in going to last doing his new game show???

he just doesn't come across as a good game show host to me. JMHO.


Don't think I'll even watch it.......

Good bye Michael Feldman....whad'Ya Know'..will miss him.

Over 30 years, and I was at two of them.

These speeches are just amazing.......love our Dems in The House.

Finally cut our land line.......was costing us 50.00 a month, wasn't breaking us

but we each have trac fones so, finally took the leap. We find out now that our phone, Internet, and cable company will drop our "membership" credits because we dumped our land line. Our bill for all three connections, phone internet and cable was about 200.00 a month, so we've dumped the phone, and will live without the credits. When we first moved here we would get a check for our credits, and could do with it whatever we wanted, now they're just paying down our bill. Big change from getting the money. Have you ever noticed what charges are on your land line IF you still have it?? Dang near 15.00 with all fees they charge us. Wow.....lotsa extra charges for that land line connection.

Ok, who all have either had a knee, hip or both replacement surgery and......

how are you surviving or how have you been since the surgery?? Husband is starting the process.....has had cortisone shots in both knees and neither knee was helped. He's been taking supplements, i.e. Gyclosime (sp), curcumen (sp), so we're back at the Dr's office.......

US Open golf championship.......poor Dustin Johnson......

he is in a really tough spot....possible one stoke penalty, and he won't know until his round is over. I've NEVER heard of this EVER. Hope he could come back and win this baby outright.

"Vangard of the Revolution"......in the 60's.....The Black Panther Party"......

OMGOSH.......Bernie's revolution is soooooooooooooooooooo connected to the 60's.

A frank discussion of being Black/African American in the USA in the year 2016.

from a white 65 year old woman. got nothing. I'm white, so can't say a thing about it. You???
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