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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,389

Journal Archives

Erin Burnett on CNN during our dinner hour.......

dang near looking like a faux noise wanna be, or is it just me???

Tony Podesta has stepped down.....via faux noise via Politico.....

If you can stand it, watch Faux noise......

Love it.

5th game of the series, is more exciting then all the other games so far.....

heck of a series......LOVE IT. Can't say when I've watch most of all the games so far. EXCITING.

Nails are already gone and what the hell is going on???

3 - 0 Dodgers.....and the stros look like crap!!!!!! AND IT'S ONLY THE TOP OF THE FIRST!!!!

You don't think we're getting our hopes up about the indictments do you?

Oh man......Timmy Teebow is an analyst on the SEC network......

Didn't see him at first and wondered who's that talking to Darius Rucker about football and thinking it sounds like some little kid. Then the camera moves to the talking head and OMGOSH, it's li'l Timmy. I guess Darius Rucker is tailgating for a South Carolina game later today on the SEC network. Love me some Darius...... But to hear and see Timmy was pretty funny.

Watching game 3 of the 2017 World Series.......and......

it's just great baseball......and Joe Buck from Faux sports football is announcing. But IT IS GREAT BASEBALL. The Houston Astros are trying to win the WORLD SERIES for their home town Horrible, horrible storms...... just hope they will share their winnings to the rest of the world.

Ok, who did the chocolate pills for not getting that goiter???

at my school, back in the day, we had to take these goiter pills once a week, and when it was your birthday, you got to give them out to the class. Did anyone else get to give them out?? I did. loved it, and it came up in conversation on Wednesday at my monthly poker club. Ha ha, only 3 women out of 5 remembered doing that. Anyone else have to take those pills??

Who funds "restoration PAC"??? New ad against Tammy.....

My little 5.00 a month is not going to defeat these horrible, horrible super packs.
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