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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,389

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Mostly for the gals on DU.......has it happened to you that a favorite

beauty product goes out of stock and you canít find it anywhere because the company has stopped making it??? Mine is Midnight Blue Great Lash Mascara by Maybeline. I swear iíve the last tubes available in my area. As soon as I found out itís been discontinued I drove all over to buy as many as I could. Went on line and found that MallWort had some and bought 5 more on line. I now have 10 tubes. I have worn this midnight blue mascara since I first started wearing makeup. Love it, and now will have supplies until I die.

Interesting show on CNN......the orange blob and the press......

How it all started......Sean Spicer and the lies about the crowd size. Pretty interesting.

Kennedy Center Honors......

on CBS now.....Cher is being honored now.....loved the whole show. AND SO DAMN GLAD THE ORANGE BLOB ISNíT THERE. Nancy Pelosi is where the President and First Lady would sit.

We're watching the Yule log, easy listening Christmas music.......with baby ducks,

kittens, puppies, Pip Squeak the pig, Happy the dog, and Happy the cat.....

and the Packers win at Jets......44 - 38

and it really was a nothing game.....although the Packers didnít want to lose another road game to make it tied with a 1958 Packer team that lost all their road games the year before Vince Lombardi became coach.......so, great win by the Packers to NOT match THAT 1958 team with a huge win for the morale of this team.

I quit watching C-SPAN when the Repubs took over and when Senator Al Franken was gone.....

I am gonna love watching The House when the Democrats are back in control.......just wished the Senate could have been taken over as well......at least one branch is good.

Still can not believe this dickhead won re-election.....oh right, Russia

Ron Johnson, dickhead from Wisconsin on the ACA

...........During a conference call with constituents, Johnson said he wishes he and his fellow Republicans had succeeded in repealing and replacing the entire Affordable Care Act when they had the chance.

"I thought that was a pretty spectacular failure on the part of Washington, D.C.," said Johnson, who has long opposed the law enacted by former President Barack Obama. "We got no help from Democrats and we did not have particularly good plans, either the House or the Senate, and we utterly failed. It was a huge disappointment."


Wanker for Interior Secretary??? OMGAWD.....


I so hope this photo works.....it's Prince William and his family's Christmas card......


Didnít realize how adorable the kids are....
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