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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,430

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That Gridiron Dinner is tonight right??

what channels will cover it??


Bowling for Columbine......

Watching it now.......we have come no further then then.......April 20, 1999, and still no gun laws.


I Was Tired Of Reading The Hate , Lauren Gibbs Silver Medalist, USA

U.S. Olympic bobsledder Lauren Gibbs refuses to give a platform to hate.

The 33-year-old athlete won a silver medal with Elana Meyers Taylor in the womenís bobsleigh event at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. But this week, she faced an online backlash over a selfie she took with senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump at the Games:


She, Lauren, should be the olympic star on all the talk shows.......she gets it, IF THERE IS EVER GOING TO BE A HEALING, A COMING TOGETHER, SHE STARTED IT. I know I almost threw up seeing that photo, but damn it, this division, this hate, this decisiveness can NOT go on forever. When is it going to stop?? I feel terrible for Lauren. Probably way to early for this "healing" to occur, but damn, I feel bad for her. JMHO.


Serenas got four billboards outside Palm Springs.....


I know Facebook isn't real popular here, but I'm on to check people that I follow,

to keep tabs on them, I'm "on" but don't participate......anyway, it seems there is something going on with it.....when I type in someone's name I wish to see topics come up that I don't care to see, like news feeds, etc, it's not the normal page I'm used to seeing when I get on. Anyone else know of problems?? thanks.

American Greed......the Martin Shkreli story........

ďThe most hated man in America......on now on CNBC

How do I change the font here......for some reason, the font today is so small.....

did something happen at DU that might have changed this?? I didn't do anything. Would like to make the font larger how do I do it. Thanks.

Curious, I wonder if the younger USA athletes even know the national anthem......

just saw a repeat of the menís gold medal ceremony and all the guys were singing it.....and I donít remember any of the younger athletes singing it. Or, it could be just me..... and really is it that important?? I kinda think it is.

Went into our local liquor store, looking for some non alcoholic wine

and to my surprise, way in the back of this huge liquor store, were two shelves of non alcoholic wine . Two brands, Fre and Ariel. What the hell?? only two brands of non alcoholic wine. Couldnít believe it. Gave up alcohol for lent.

Love how hes just really ignoring this black guy from Ohio.....

heís not even looking at him.....
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