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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,430

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Oh puke.......just saw wanker's ad for re-election......

I got it......here's what tRump reminds me of.......

a fat orange seal, you know, a big o fat seal clapping for a treat.

Ex smokers.....post your quit date. 5-2-2005.

Gonna be 13 years in two days.

need some ideas and help please.......tired of my hanging basket of flowers from my shepards hook

which hangs over our street side mailbox. Is there anything else I could hang?? No wind chimes, as I have one near the mail box, and no bird feeders as we don't feed the birds in the summer. I'm tired of my hanging plant looking like crap by mid July too, not good with plants........so I've decided to try something else. Any suggestions? Thank you.

OMGOSH....Sean Spicer is there.......at. The WHCD

love C-SPAN coverage now....just has a camera, no talking heads....love it.

Ah, the WHCD comedy speaker??? Who is she??

what I saw of her, shes bombing........

OMGOSH.... I just saw Sarah Huckster Sanders.......

at the WHCD!!!!! Her hair is up, and shes wearing a beautiful dress. On C-SPAN....... love WHCD on C-SPAN no talking heads, just the people we see everyday on tv.

I just watched the WHCD when POTUS Barack Obama just trashed tRump......

https://m. Loved it, and now...... the orange slime ball IS POUS.

Wait....is that "Blacks for Trump" man behind tRump the same guy during the campaign guy??

oh, and Im watching on C-SPAN.

Ok, getting sick of the "showmanship" when announcing the draft pick......

are we all wanting to get on tv or the movies or the news??? Just read the name hug em and get off the stage. ITS NOT ABOUT YOU. I do not like or enjoy what the draft has become. Wont be watching again......
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