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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,389

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Yippie, it's fun size candy bar time........

I love Halloween time......a gazillion different type of candy bars in a bite or two size.

And then there's Chaka Kahn.......tribute to the Queen....

A W S O M E .


OK, I CAN NOT STAND MARIA SHARAPOVA's Screaming/grunting........

So annoying...what ever happened to the just the sound of screeching tennis shoes and the ball bouncing. Its like she cant hit the ball without the drama of effort.......always have it on mute when shes on the court. Or is it just me??

I'm a tad nervous that this Florida Governorship is IT FOR 2018......

Whos it going to be in 2020....... wow....a national talking point for tRump and Bernie Sanders. Gonna be real interesting and exciting.

Kelley Anne Conway

has made it to the big time......only person that actually shut Sean Hannity up........ Shes running for office.......

What are the Democratic winners going to tally tomorrow after today's voting???

Is it going to be good news? or not.

15,990 posts Isn't that a nice round number???

Drinks all around......for all my friends and foes here on DU. God love us everyone. ha ha, and if you're an atheist or honoring some other deity we'll all drink to who is top banana in your book. No offense to anyone. I love all on DU.

Ok, love the Ted Danson advertisements for Smirnoff Vodka........

There are about 5 out now.......all pretty funny. Here's some info on the newer ads.....


To bad though, I only drink Titos vodka. https://www.titosvodka.com

Love both the women AND men's winnings at the US OPEN are

exactly the same!!!!!! Bout damn time, Venus Williams and Billy Jean King were both instrumental in making that happen.

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