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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,389

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Has anyone paid the 4.99 cost for unlimited Earth Cam videos yet???

I just canít bring myself to pay for the cameras I used to watch for free.

TNT is showing ALL the Star War movies today and tomorrow

Itís a marathon of Star Wars.

Ok, on a one to ten......where does Tom cruse fit in....

So has anyone been smoking pot more now then ever before??

and has this question been asked before.



Damn proud of ALL our candidates.......

Now, just hope they can get America excited, get them out to vote, AND, GET RID OF THE ORANGE PIECE OF SHIT IN OUR HOUSE NOW.

I'm getting kinda nervous that the orange piece of shit will eat these Dem candidates alive.

Heíll lie, and lie, and lie........the Dems donít know how to lie, they donít know to cheat, they donít know to screw fellow partners.....HEíLL EAT THEM ALIVE.

Congressman John Dingell is buried in Arlington Cemetery.........with tRump being POTUS would he be

allowed to be buried there as well?? or because he HAS NOW BEEN IMPEACHED will that not be possible. Just asking.

What pin is Madam Pelosi wearing?? I can't quite make it out.....thanks

Who were the Democrats that did vote NAY on both articles???

Was Ron Kind from Wisconsin one of them??? Iím damn sure he was......
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