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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,430

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Seriously all I want is a fair chance.......who is going to give me and my family that???

a chance to take a vacation, the chance to send my kids (2) to college, a chance to pay for a possible medical problem that wonít take my savings for my kids to go to college to pay for. A chance to live a life where we arnít worried all the time about HOW ARE WE GOING TO PAY FOR IT, what ever the hell IT is.

Really haven't heard from Amy's camp.......until now

Sen. Amy Klobucharís early focus in Congress this year is on the kind of popular, consumer-oriented measures that have been a foundation of her Senate career.

At the start of her third term in office and weighing a run for president, Klobuchar in recent weeks has emphasized her renewed push for cheaper prescription drugs, and for tighter privacy laws for social media users. With both, sheís touting collaboration with Republican colleagues in hopes of progress despite a divided Congress.

ďLetís get this done,Ē Klobuchar says in a video posted on her Twitter account this week, where she argues for three measures sheís sponsored intended to lower prescription prices. ďWe should be governing from opportunity for the people of America. Not a crisis.Ē

Klobuchar has said in recent weeks that sheís considering a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. She has not yet announced her decision, but her goals in the new congressional term offer a preview of issues that could help comprise a presidential platform.


I think Senator Warren and Harris bringing up the disparity of wealth among the

American people is a great idea. Now if they would just SHOW it in graphs....like Ross Perot did with graphs and props when he was running. I really donít think people really understand HOW HUGE THE GAP REALLY IS between rich and poor. We need to see it in graphs........Iíve been looking and havenít really found any that show it in, and I hate to say this, in simple ways that are easy to understand. I think people need to see the difference, because itís disgusting.

Starbucks, X CEO Shultz?? is on 60 minutes.......

I want to know why it isn't called TREASON???

A foreign country changed the outcome of our ELECTION. Really, isnít that treason???

and that Nixon salute......

I canít wait until heís found guilty and watch him fry........TREASON.

Anyone watching women's skating on NBC Sports station???

Love figure skating.......a tiny 13 year old could be winning this thing....short program tonight long program tomorrow on NBC network.

On Wisconsin indeed.......the Badgers won by 10 points over the 2nd place

team in the Nation, Michigan, today at the Kohl center. Michigan is 2 - 11 at the house of Bucky.....

I can finally say I know a millionaire........

well almost a millionaire, our neighbor 3 homes down from us just won 935,000.00 dollars in a lottery. So happy for him......he's just a guy, divorced, has a son who lives 3 hours away, his dog died a couple of years ago, and he's just a good neighbor. We are so happy for him, I did ask him to buy me a new car, he laughed and said he'd think about it. We're just happy for him. He's been playing the lottery for a long time, and said if ya don't play ya don't win.

A "dip" for retired Wisconsin public employees??? Really??? a dip??

For the first time in six years, retired Wisconsin public employees with all of their money in the Wisconsin Retirement Systemís (WRS) main trust fund could see a reduction in their pension checks.

The State of Wisconsin Investment Board, which manages the money in the WRS funds, gave its preliminary 2018 year-end returns late Friday and, like the stock market, the results were down.

The Core Fund, with $93.6 billion in assets as of Dec. 31, had a preliminary return of minus 3.3 percent for 2018 while the smaller Variable Fund, with $7.1 billion in assets, had a preliminary return of minus 7.9 percent.

That means pension payments for most of the 203,000 retirees in the WRS could take a small hit.


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