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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,430

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I wonder if any school civics classes are watching this historic vote???

Do they even teach civics anymore???

All this talk of impeachment must really bring up horrible memories

for the Clintons. Feel really bad for them.....

Another faux noise talking head jumping ship......and going to CBS

In another major defection from the newsroom of Fox News, Catherine Herridge is joining CBS News as a senior investigative correspondent.

Herridge, Fox's chief intelligence correspondent, was a founding employee of Fox News in 1996 and a leader in the network's Washington bureau. She was in talks to join CBS before Shep Smith, also a founding Fox employee, resigned on October 11 in the middle of a multi-year contract, according to two people with knowledge of the situation.
Catherine Herridge is leaving Fox News for CBS.

Herridge's Fox contract expired over the summer. Fox wanted her to renew, but knew her exit was a possibility, one of the sources said. Friday will be her last day.

In a statement released through Fox, Herridge thanked Fox patriarch Rupert Murdoch "for the opportunity to cover the most impactful stories of the last 23 years, most recently the Special Counsel report and impeachment inquiry. I have received great personal satisfaction from mentoring the next generation of reporters and producers and sharing my journalistic values ó that facts matter and enterprise reporting will always win the day."


THE WORLD SERIES OF 2019........


Damn, just saw a huge tRump 2020 sign on our way home from Winona.......

We live in little town of Dakota, and go to Winona for dinner out and some shopping....and on our way home tonight I saw this huge tRump lawn sign. It had to have been 3 feet by 4 feet big.

OMGAWD......those fires in California.....

Had lunch with my X poker group of women......and we've got one trumper

and three of us havenít made up our minds. I thought it was telling tho, when three of them said no Democrat is going to beat tRump. No Democrat s going to win, theyíre all kinda boring. I still donít know who Iím voting for....did give 25.00:to Cory Booker tho.......just not sure who iím voting for.

Aaron Rodgers has 6 TD's 5 passing 1 rushing


Will he bring out more voters???

am kinda nervous......who of our candidates can bet him?? He lies, how can you beat lies??? How do we beat lies?? Seriously....how??? I will do everything in my power to make sure he doesnít get re-elected. But, I am kinda nervous.

Was changing channels during Rachel's show when ads were on......

turned to see tRumpís Dallas wing ding......OMGAWD.....Blacks behind him....a woman, and that same man whoís been at a ton of his damn rallyís.
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