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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,389

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and she laid her third egg.......yeeehaaaa Decorah Eagles


Watching the State of the State address.......love the Democratic Side, people of color

and AGAIN THE REPUB SIDE IS ALL WHITE. All the reasonable ideas that the Democratic Governor is putting in his budget, the Repubs behind him are not even smiling, never mind clapping for these reasonable ideas. Clean water, or medical MJ, and the revamping of the Crimean justice department.....17 year olds are NOT considered ADULTS.

Famous birthdays today.....Feb 27th....

Chelsea Clinton, Joanne Woodward, Howard Hessmen, & Josh Groban just to name a few........


and egg #2 of the Decorah Eagles was laid at 6:44pm CST tonight......


Jenna Bush is going to be the co-host the Today show with Hoda Kota


Ok, ok, i'm doing it......I'm watching ALL the red carpet stuff started at noon.......LOVE IT.

and sorry if this is wrong......the hostess from “E”. is to damn skinny.....she looks ill almost, and I love her but she just to skinny.

Yahoo.....first Decorah egg laid last night.....


So weird if you just read through our topic threads we know instantly

what is happening EVERYWHERE......scary really......we know instantly what is happening all the time, everywhere, and what’s about. Almost to much at times. I’m starting to start reading a book again. Ha ha, brain is racing right now......gotta slow don eh?? Anyone else?? Reading for enjoyment and relaxation, what a concept.


oh my gawd.....she’s interviewing for a job at shanty’s.

Was in Praire di Chien on Saturday, and I swear I saw a license plate that said KUKLXKLAN!

How the hell was that allowed??? How did the DOT let that pass??? I just stared him down.......
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