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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,389

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upset on the women's side: Osaka, #2 out....Yulia Putintseva (not ranked) 7-6(4), 6-2. Putintseva has beaten her twice in the past though.

upset on the men's side: Zverev, #6 out.... and the #7 Tsitsips is out as well!!! Yikes.

Gonna be a fun tournament.......

and now Venus is playing a 15 year old American!!! Come on Venus.

Yikes, I just noticed on our DU poll Mayor Pete isn't tied with Bernie anymore......

and Elizabeth is pulling away from everyone.

Amazing Race.......love it.....

so many obstacles, and the winners DESERVE TO WIN.....a tad of luck, but really.....if you watch it and love all the countries they visit and all the obstacles they have to do. The winners are so awesome to win.

Ok, ok, how bout any Dem President WITH MAYOR PETE AS VICE???

I love him......and it might be a tad early for him but if he’s Vice President.......the country will get to love him like lots of us do. Wha ‘da think???

Rachel's show tonight.....she was doing talking points of ALL the candidates......

she pulled all the names out of a top hat.....and gave them each a talking point......LOVED IT.

Ok...just saw my DVR'd copy of Stephen Colbert's show from last night......

I really hate to say that Chris Christie really made me laugh out loud. He was a great guest tonight. I thought he did great. Sorry.

This is kinda cool.....Steve Stricker and Jerry Kelly are one and two in the Senior Golf tournament

I know, millionaires, but they do Wisconsin proud. JMHO. Steve Stricker always gives to his alma mater. oh shoot, it's Illinois.

Some of the policies of the group behind the advertisement not wanting Medicare for All......

https://www.onenationamerica.org/policies/ Here’s their leadership team: https://www.onenationamerica.org/583-2/

and here’s an action statement:

The strongest voice in our country comes not from its political leaders or media figures, but its citizens. One Nation aims to tap that voice and amplify it through cutting-edge communications, public opinion research and grassroots-level advocacy. By forging consensus on critical issues, One Nation seeks to build momentum for constructive policy changes in Washington that expand freedom, promote innovation and broaden economic prosperity.

Have seen this advertisement numerous times now.......

Estimated 17M Viewers Tune In To NBC, MSNBC & Telemundo for 2nd night debate.

https://deadline.com/2019/06/democratic-debate-ratings-surge-kamala-harris-joe-biden-nbc-1202639418/. A W E S O M E, now if most or all will vote, there's no stopping the Dems in 2020.

and there are 11 more debates to go........

How many before they’re whittled down to the main 5 or so contenders??
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