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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,389

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Not sure if I can watch the debates.....don't want to see them try to rip each other apart.....

I realize they have to make a name for themselves, and try to stand out, but just donít want it to be a blood bath. Iíll tape them and watch what I can........

At times my iPad sure seems really hot.....anyone else?

Anyone watching the good fight on CBS??

Have always loved this show.

Ok.....two has beens have two new shows......

Ray Ramonoís wife, The Middleís mom, Patricia Helton, has her own show again, and now, so does Mike of Mike and Molly. I have never EVER been a fan of Patricia Heaton.......might give Mike a try, but Iím sure there are tons of other actors they could have used.

Damn, tRump's campaign raised more money then all Dems in Wisconsin

Wisconsin donors to the 2020 presidential campaigns emptied their pockets most for President Donald Trump, according to filings for second-quarter itemized contributions.

Trumpís campaign received $243,175 in itemized contributions, donations that exceed $200, from Wisconsinites in the second quarter. Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warrenís campaign raised $73,466 in the second quarter, the second largest sum from Wisconsinites. She was followed by Democratic presidential candidates Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders, who raised $43,031 and $42,099 in the second quarter, respectively. Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobucharís campaign raised $36,705 in the second quarter, the sixth largest sum.



and you know who Iím talking about.

and Louie Anderson didn't even get nominated for his portrayal of a woman??

He is the best actor doing a woman person on TV..... JMHO. LOVE Baskets.

I've mentioned our Robin was on her THIRD sitting, but I think her

babies, eggs have fried and momma Robin hasnít been on the nest for a couple days. Itís been over 85 degrees for the last 4 days......do you think the eggs got to hot that she left the nest??? She had four babies, then she had three babies, and not sure how many she had in this third batch, but sheís been gone for a couple of days, and iím so worried they fried because of the hot temperatures.

So now the pensions for at least 10 million people are in trouble?? What the hell??

Ex speaker Bohner was just on CNN with an ex house Democrat discussing the problem.

Ok......Stephen Colbert is a big talk show star.....

but, am I the only one that isnít real fond of his show??? Sorry, but he hasnít made me laugh out loud since he left his Comedy Central show. JMHO.
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