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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,389

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Need help, what's the best cracker for a lobster dip, cheeses, and all round

cracker for any hors d'oeuvres? And should I buy more then one kind of cracker?? Saltines are to boring, but donít want ones that the cracker is to overwhelming as to outdo the item thatís on top........just need some suggestions.

Ok, I've got a short fuse and I'm not afraid to use it........

Iím going off on everyone......I need help. What should I do???

With at least 3 vaccines getting close to distribution do we get a choice in which one we get?? eom

Oh crap......they, backers of tRump, REALLY ARE PUSHING THE POSSIBLE 2024 RUN.

and I know itís 4 years from now, but damn, he could be on a 4 year pep rally until then.

And what will we rally around after Orange piece of shit is gone???

Warped Speed indeed........now warp speed right on outta OUR HOUSE.

and donít let the door hit ya on the way out......

Can someone PLEASE tell Phil he looks just stupid chewing that damn gum.....

Or is it just me??

How many updates to iMac have there been?? It seems like I just updated two in the last couple of

weeks...... anyone else??

New Capital One advertisement with Samuel Jackson......Absolutely great.....

and that Santa is really good looking......

Kanye West got 7,654 in Minnesota.....😳 😳 😳 OMGAWD.......

Rapper Kanye West's campaign website says "our future is waiting on us," but even with a big nudge from voters in Minnesota, it might have to wait until 2024.

The musical artist folded his 2020 presidential campaign with some 60,000 votes across the nation, at least 7,654 of them coming from Minnesota, a state with a tradition of backing third-party insurgencies like that of former Gov. Jesse Ventura.

Minnesota gave West his second-largest statewide vote total after Tennessee, where more than 10,200 fans voted for the first-time candidate.


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