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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,389

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OMGOSH.......saw our first oriole.....

We actually have quit putting out grape jelly for them.......our Robins were eating it, and giving it to their babies. Then the babies wouldn’t let the orioles eat it. So we just stopped feeding them. We have two neighbors that put out jelly for them so at least they will have some.

Oh for FS.......the orange piece of shit is on faux noise NOW.......

so he’s going up against Coumo.

What the hell does "negative tests" mean........our local news has this graph

Confirmed cases, total deaths, recovered cases, negative tests. What does negative tests mean?? Thanks.

So really, how many of us are not going to eat any more meat???

Not me.....shrimp, salmon, and veggies eh??

Turned to Dick Cavett during advertisements on Rachel.......Walter Conkite was on.....

and he suggested pot be legal!!!! and he would have convicted Nixon!!!!! Why do I miss this man, and really, why do I love Rachel. Yikes, and what kinda goes around comes around. Oh, and never really enjoyed Dick Cavett.

Watching Bob Newhart and Mary Tyler Moore in the afternoons........

Forget how really funny these show were, and the advertisements??? They’re aren’t any to speak of......not like now where the ads start every 10 minutes and last for about 5 minutes. On Newhart or MTM’s show, they have a one minute ad that lasts about 3 minutes half way through the show. Insane how advertisements have taken over.

Just saw the loser Lara Logan originally from CBS, I see she's now on faux noise.

fits in just perfect spewing the faux noise bs.

Posted this before, but not as a stand alone topic........Barack and all the kids that loved him....

https://www.businessinsider.com/obama-with-kids-photos-2016-2 This brought tears to my eyes.....I miss him and his family so much.

My neighbors, husband, his wife, and 4 YO daughter just walked by and I thanked them

for the huge bubble show they had yesterday. They had a bubble machine that cranked out tons of bubbles all glimmering in the afternoon sun. So beautiful, I told them when I went to find my phone to take a photo it was over. Mentioned also that it really lifted my spirits. Almost tempted to buy one of those machines for myself.

Ok, I have fallen in love with Jimmy Fallon's show with him at home.....

He doesn’t need to go back in studio.......LOVE HIM THROUGH THIS AT HOME STUFF.
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