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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,430

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and OMGAWD......Thomas is blabbing.....😳 😳 😳

So sorry……Justice Thomas at the Supreme Court, who NEVER talks, is talking or asking questions in the MISSISSIPPI abortion case. The Future of Roe V Wade.

So, if Roe V Wade does, hopefully survive........will attempts to overturn it STILL persist??

Only Faux noise and MSNBC are covering the Supreme Court today.......

November 29, 1981 Natalie Woods strange death......

Natalie Wood’s death is the subject of enduring mystery and speculation. That went into overdrive with the CBS News program, Natalie Wood: Death in Dark Water, which airs in 2018. On May 5, 2020, HBO is airing a different take on the death, a documentary in which Wood’s daughters defend her husband Robert Wagner, saying they don’t think he had anything to do with her death.

How did Natalie Wood die? What was her official cause of death? One thing that is known for certain is that Natalie Wood drowned during a night on a yacht in 1981 with her husband, Robert Wagner, and the actor Christopher Walken. The only other person on the boat that night, captain Dennis Davern, now says he heard an argument between Wagner and Natalie right before she vanished. Wagner has maintained that Natalie died in an accidental drowning, perhaps trying to take a dinghy to shore, but he’s been labeled “a person of interest” by an investigator.


Need help with my husbands Christmas gift......he wants a warm vest to wear inside.

He’s 76 and gets chilly easily……and he indicated he’d like a warmer vest for inside for just watching tv. Any suggestions?? Have been on line, most are that puffy stuff which he doesn’t want…….he’s got one now, but it’s just like a sweater feel, and he says not warm enough…….so, what’d ya think??

Ok.....Aaron Rodgers.....John Vick........Halloween???

He does Jeopardy, he’s a MVP……one of the most “______________ “ person in the world.

The Green Book......anyone??

Really am enjoying it…….. 77% tomatoes.

The golf match between De Chambeau and Koepka.....ya watching??

On TNT/TBS……Charles Barkley, Phil Mickelson and others are all watching and talking to the opponents. Kinda fun…..don’t really care who wins….oh and way to damn man commercials. 😡 😡 😡

Back, side, or stomach sleepers?? I start our on my left side then switch to stomach......

Waukesha County Sheriff dept selling toy doggies, all proceeds go to

According to Waukesha County sheriff deputies, people lined up to get their hands on plush K-9 dogs at the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department Tuesday, Nov. 23.

Within just six hours, the department sold out of more than 900 dogs.

"We've had people, from what I understand, people from well outside of Waukesha County coming and making a pretty long trip to purchase one of our canine dogs to support the community," said Deputy Kurt Thompson with the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department K-9 Unit.

The tragedy impacted these K-9 deputies on a very personal level, as they were one of the many law enforcement agencies to respond to the parade tragedy.

Looking for a way to help even more, they decided to donate all of the net profit from the plush K-9 dogs to the victims of the devastation.

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