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While I agree with what you say...

we live in a nation with laws that, for the most part, people respect.

And contrary to much of what the right wing likes to spew on a daily basis, we do have a measurable level of the separation of church and state. (although it does seem as if it's eroding)

That said, let's see what is at play here.

Two nations Libya and Egypt have just experienced to massive upheavals in their respective nations.

And after most major national upheavals, lots of rumors swirl, lots of opportunists in the form of both political and religious try to fill the vacuum of fear with their own brand of fear and lastly, most of the people who had been displaced or thrown out of work are desperate.

So when you have a nation where the majority of the younger population is out of work, needing enough food, wanting clean water, and would like to be able to return to school but are unable to; what happens? Lots of unrest.

But then you also have various outside influences who see the opportunity to spread their bullshit to a desperate citizens. Citizens who want to vent misplaced anger, frustration and stress.

Given enough propaganda, enough agitating and enough influence, you invite the masses to fulfill a certain agenda.

In steps some right wing moron. Terry Jones and his half wit will partner film maker to purposely make an inflammatory film. We live in a universe apart from the people of Libya and Egypt and find it hard to believe that anyone would riot over any film, especially a poorly made pile of crap such as this one, desperate people who need to vent and have no other way to react, riot.

The US has always been the easy target for 3rd world nations whose. Granted, the US doesn't have the greatest record in history when dealing with 3rd world nations especially in the area of human rights, but it doesn't help us in the least, especially as of late, to have right wing morons pouring gas on a smoldering coals.

It is horrible that people have lost their lives in this situation, it is deplorable that the people of these two countries have been used as puppets by their religious extremists, but at the same time, it's disgusting that someone in this nation employs terrorist by proxy to do their dirty work as a means to an end.

And that end? To further divide the people of the world into their screwed up world view of those who are white and believe in jesus and those that don't.

As sad as it is that these people in the middle east are so desperate that they fall for the words of extremists within their own midst, it is equally sad that there are people in this nation whose sole purpose is to spread hate a lies under the guise of religion.
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