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prediction: 0ne year from now, the orange jerk will not pardon the White House Turkey

It sounds stupid, but I believe this will happen.

The desperation of the right and why they lost their minds...

The slow erosion of the right wing into what we have today, started in full boil over when george w. bush* was appointed prez.

Party stalwarts stood silently by while he* "went off message" and began employing the form of conservatism known as Neo-Conservatism. While it has been around for a long time, it was his* appointment that brought it to the national stage via the bully pulpit of the presidency.

Many rightly argue that this began long ago, before reagan; the forgetting of the American worker, the deliberate destruction of unions and the yearly attacks on the various social support systems that help today's unemployed and poor.

However, those were just the precursors to what was began during "W's*" reign of terror.

The willful ignoring of the poor during Hurricane Katrina, the wars of opportunity based on grudges, the never ending spending of the nations money's into a fraudulent rebuilding effort in the middle east, the housing meltdown, the shunning our allies help after 9/11 and rebuffing the feeling of unity after that same date; by telling the American people to go shop. And that translated into us "doing our part".

There are many many other things that I have failed to list, but the general idea is that republicans, while not vocal or even conscious of it, were losing the concept of leadership.

Like Bob Dole or not (personally I can't stand him), he did have leadership qualities. George*? no so much.

He* and his room full of dopes did their best to "drown our government in a bathtub" but all they did was leave a leaderless vacuum in their wake.

So without any real leaders what do conservatives do? They panic and create all sorts of hair brained ideas and conspiracies to fill the void.

Take your pick of crazy right wing theories, the list is way to long.

And when that's all you have as discourse from the right, what do you get? The opportunist trump, feeding them exactly what what they want to hear. It's the immigrants, it's the terrorists, it's the Mexicans, it's the African-Americans it's all their fears wrapped up into a ball with a trump bow.

In essence their problems are caused by everyone but themselves.

Introspection and reflection have never been a strong points of the right wing.

And as such, to sum it up in a phrase, (which I use from time to time), "the right wing is doing their hardest to work against their own best interests".

Logic, reason and discourse be damned! shoot first and ask questions later!! That's what they want! Because at the end of the day, they will never ever take responsibilities for their own fuck ups and frankly, trump is their biggest fuck up.

tRump is basically an 7th grade dude bro...

There was a guy (kid) I remember when I was in 7th grade. He name was Ronnie.

I don't know if it was because I grew up in NYC or not, but the shock I received when I entered Junior High for the first time, was unreal.

Not that elementary school was a walk in the park but for the most part, the teachers did a pretty good job of keeping our latent hormones in check.

However, once in Junior High, it seems as if that ability by teachers to keep us in line; failed or they just didn't seem to care.

trying to control a class of kids with raging hormones, probably proved next to impossible.

Anyway, Ronnie.

by the time I was in Junior High, my parents had given me the "birds and the bees" talk. So I entered middle school, from what I thought was; an informed position.

I was proven very wrong. Wrong in the respect that there were things that were told and said to my by my new classmates that made me question the reality of what my parent told me.

Also growing up with two older sisters, it was beaten into me at an early age to treat women/girls with respect.

But the things that Ronnie was spewing, in his self aggrandizing way, struck me as insulting.

Don't get me wrong, I was still a 7th grader with raging hormones of my own, but I knew enough to keep my thoughts to myself. On top of the fact that I was massively shy to begin with.

However, in steps Ronnie. All he was was Mr. Obvious with Raging hormones. He said and did things (gestures) that I still find completely disgusting to this day. I can say I was appalled as well, but I don't think my 7th grade brain knew that word was yet or the definition behind the emotion. But I can say, as an adult, I was appalled back then.

I knew back then that his antics were over the top bizarre. Even then I thought to myself, "damn, can't he keep it in his pants?" Or as my parents would say, "show a little class".

And reflecting back at my tour of duty in middle school, I am reminded of Ronnie whenever I see tRump on stage, tRump on video, tRump anywhere for that fact.

Now couple that with a feeling of entitlement, a massive trust fund from his dad and his inability for self reflection and what we have is: is a 70 year old man trapped in a 7th graders dude bro mentality.

3 in custody 1 dead.

that makes at least 4 active shooters that were involved.

is this the sad new trend in public massacres?

the nation was outraged over Orlando. but what came of it?

the nation was outraged over Sandy Hook? but what came of it?

the nation was outraged...pick your favorite massacre du jour, and what fucking came of it?

now dallas, I ask you again, what will become of that? what will change in any sort of meaningful way?

our congress critters will have sit ins, filibuster marathons, people will protest, the president will make yet another sad statement about our fucked up society, and honestly what will happen?

talk show after talk show will have guests on by the number wringing their hands over the violence, but what will come of it?

the families will be interviewed, charity foundations will be created, donations will be collected, but what will come of it?



Until the NRA is kept from flooding money into the coffers of the puppet-like congress morons they control, what's going to happen?


just another hour in America.

One Nation, Under Guns...

This is what we have become, a nation of violence underlined by guns.

There are those in the gun community that will argue with that, but when people in other countries talk about or ask about or reflect upon the U.S., it invariably comes back to violence and guns.

We are a violent nation. that is a fact.

We are the largest exporter of weapons in the world.

When we send "aid" packages to other nations, that's just a catch all phrase for everything we send, including weapons.

Starting since our inception as a nation, we have been involved in one war after another. either it was under the guise of "self defense", "helping others" or "spreading democracy".

Self defense in the monroe doctrine, helping others as in over throwing democratically elected governments, and spreading democracy to other nations at the point of a gun.

And as a result of our over seas proliferation of weapons, the weapons here, for sale to the average person, have become cheap and plentiful.

Death is good business. Violence and it's maintenance is the American way.

As the years have gone by, and the various massacres increase, we have become a type of Roman Republic, lusting for a new and novel way for people to be killed.

No more are the 2 or 3 or 4 people killed big news, it's the huge numbers that get the ratings.

We are into the era of the violence of the snake eating it's tail.

We have the usual daily shooting at work, the weekly "mass" shooting and now we get the monthly or bi-monthy massacre.

And yet how fickle we are.

The San Bernardino massacre hardly still registers on our consciousness.

But were do we say, enough!

Do we draw the line now? or do we watch at the goal posts move, not just down the field, but into another zip code altogether?

Do we sit by our computers weeping or do we turn our anger into action?

I just can't support anyone who advocates or defends violence at the hand of a gun.

And as such, I will be giving my hard earned money and my voice to organizations that work hard for gun control, extensive background checks and find a way to make it massively difficult to obtain a gun legally.

I do not own a gun, but as an American, I am part of what contributes to the violence. I also refuse, as an American to blindly turn away.

I would love to say, we can do better, but sadly it appears we are unable to. This is who we are and it will take those few of us to educate the many.

Because, if there is no change, no movement, no one speaking out, the we are doomed to remain...

One nation, under guns...

the powerlessness of the single voice...

we all feel powerless individually.

we feel as if the floor dropped out from under us when we hear of such tragedies as the one that unfolded in Orlando.

"what can I do? I'm just one person. no one will listen to me" is the individuals mantra.

and the next is grieving, morning and giving up over the useless feeling we all get when we are powerless to commit change.

I sit at my computer and type these words feeling this feeling of helplessness to change things. to help ban assault rifles. to expand background checks. to have the fucking FBI do their god damn jobs.

we plead to the president and what does he say? "We know enough to say this was an act of terror and an act of hate," he said. "The FBI is appropriately investigating this as an act of terror. We will go wherever the facts lead us ... What is clear is he was a person filled with hatred."

maybe he's at a loss for words as well, but folks, some of THE largest massacres occurred on his watch.

and his words only make me less confident of any sort of change.

So, what needs to be done? WE need to group together and fight. WE need to demand from our congress people, let alone the president, to pass the fucking laws and have them enforced.

most of the GOP gets money from the NRA, but I can bet your ass, that there are republicans right now, people, not politicians, that are equally disgusted by this bullshit.

a bi-partisan group, formed by the people of this nation, that is apolitical. That are tired of the almost daily killings and massacres.

It's WE not I that will get it changed.

WE have to stop putting up with this. And tell the NRA to shut the fuck up when they come out with the tired response of "in this time of tragedy, now is not the time to discuss laws about guns". OH BULLSHIT. Now is the very fucking time.

WE need to fucking stand up to this contrived kind of bullshit to derail the discussion and dismantle the NRA once and for all.

Remember, it's WE the people.

I just heard...

I had been out doing work in the yard all day.

50 people???!!!

What is wrong with us?

I'm angry, horrified and depressingly sad.

I just cat wrap my brain around such a tragedy.
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