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Name: Me
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Member since: Fri Jun 11, 2004, 10:37 AM
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I do stuff. And when I finish that stuff, I do other stuff.

Journal Archives

I'm firmly convinced that the orange asshole is a psychopath

And as such, he’s at his end game. He has nothing left to try and “overturn” the election.

He is now at his most dangerous.

Let that sink in

In other words, we ain’t seen nothin yet

I said 3 years ago it would take a swat team to get him to leave. We may need more than that now: the fire Dept.

Well now we have him saying he won’t leave the WH.

Having read extensively over the years about psychopaths and anti-social behavior, I’m going to go on record that he will attempt to do something truly extreme to prevent himself from leaving the WH.

And what that is exactly is: he will attempt to burn down the WH or something along those lines.

He’s mentally painted into corner and feels he has no other alternative than to quite literally burn it all down.

Just remember this: you can not rationalize with a psychopath. They aren’t capable of thinking like normal people. Their one and only mission in life is to protect themselves at all costs and that even means burning everything down and then dying in the flames. Because they will have convinced themselves, at that point, that they “won” because they weren’t caught.

We are entering the final stretch before he gets
kicked out of the WH and it’s going to get really fucking weird
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