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Why I am the cynic I am today

I listen to great podcast called American Scandal.

And the particular 5 part series I’m listening to deals with the Valerie Plame affair.

Remember “fitzmas” everyone was all agog about on here so many years ago, when a particular part of the people here were under the delusion that Karl rove and a host of others were going to brought up on charges and go to prison?

But instead scooter libby fell on his sword and took the blame and “fitzmas” vanished.

Listening to these episodes got me a special kind of angry again, not angry over those crooks not going to prison per say but how our judicial system failed the American public in the most spectacular way possible.

That hardened my cynicism into stone.

Then the beat went on and the crockery, thievery and insanity by the right wing only increased.

And here we are today, only just surviving an attempted coup d ’estate by luck and via a few very dedicated people.

Everything now is amplified to 11 as compared to those many years ago and the fake story of yellow cake uranium. It almost seems quaint, like an old movie we once saw in a old fashion theater with a smoking section.

The grinding down of my hope and belief in this nation by a near daily dose of faux and real problems. Mostly faux. But never the less, day in day out it will crush your belief and drive to not care about anything.

Now we have the Jan 6th committee investigation. And we are all, those who still know how to still think rationally, hoping for the same thing; people to go to prison. And I’m not talking about the useful right wing pawns that ran into the capital. While we do cheer watching those gullible halfwits get sent off to jail, we want those who planned this to be held accountable, especially if we want some form of this country to survive and not slide into the toilet of fascism.

But alas, I look back at the Plame affair, the yellow cake bullshit, the wars for profit and hundreds of thousands of people killed and I think, “what the mother fuck happened??”

My answer: not a god damn thing. We only slide further down the scale of what we will accept and what is acceptable.

Orwell described fascism as a boot on your neck forever. Kind of like his 1984 variety. I used to believe that when I was younger, I’m more of the opinion now that Huxley was correct with Brave New World. As long as we are made to feel that all the bullshit from the right wing is normal and just “politics and usual” we will continue to eat at the tough of bullshit while being told it’s chocolate.

And at the end of the day, with everything that has happened since those “good old days”, I expect more of the same. The ones responsible will skate away. They lesser stooges will fall “nobily” on their swords and the rest of us will have bare that much more weight to keep society going. All the while being told that Justice was done.

We have a window of 6 to 9 months if these criminals are to be held accountable, after that everything will be purposely buried in election coverage. If nothing happens, we are effectively a democracy on paper and nothing more.

Given the current landscape, I’m not expecting much

Good night, and good god damn luck. We’re going to need it


edits were to fix grammar and spelling. I first posted this from my phone.

We live in a media driven society

Yes we got what we needed recorded into the record, but the average rube paying marginal to no attention, perceives the not calling of witnesses a win by repukes and a loss by Dems.

THAT is the reality of the situation

The Dems know how to use the rule of law to get what they want but the repukes don’t give a shit about that, they will use the media to its fullest extent to “show” they won.

At the end of the day, the orange asshole will not be convicted and will be allowed to run for office again and that will be the new screed yelled from coast to coast by the right wing, not the parliamentary win by the Dems

The Dems have to play the same way but they are so concerned, too concerned sometimes, of being the “adult” in the room. They must use the media to the same effect, pushing truth as the repukes do to push their lies.

Not calling witnesses and not using the media to put that fine point on this, shows to me who will actually controll the narrative down the road

I see now that the door has been left wide open for the nuts in the right wing do drum up further support by saying that this 2nd impeachment was a nothing burger. And they will do it less than a week after the vote.

Moreover the rumors of the repukbs splitting will vanish, they will get back in marching order and much worse is coming down the road.

Because if the repukes are good at one thing it’s: they ignore the past and act as if nothing happened. And like group think they all fall in line.

And when they pull this shit again like on Jan 6th (and you can bet they will), they will act as if it never ever happened before. And when the orange asshole tries to run for office again, they will fall inline and support him, like he was never impeached twice

We are a cartoon of a nation

this is my new fear...

with the solar wind hack and the video of russians helping the seditious morons at the capital, I fully expect a coordinated effort by the russians with the white right wing terrorist groups here to stage yet another attack of some kind.

The obvious time would be during the inauguration, but while I do believe some morons on the right will do something because they are untrained idiots. I believe something worse is coming down the pike.

with the gross breach of data from solar wind, we the average people of this nation don't have a full comprehension of its extent of it's damage.

It was fucking huge and horribly damaging to us. while the storming of the Capital has been compared to many things and 9/11 or a homegrown pearl harbor. The solar wind hack is all of those things plus many more examples all rolled into one.

over the years, there have been various hacks from foreign entities on American facilities. some successful some only marginally. but with each one, they find a new vulnerability. And these vulnerabilities are patched and we move on. We don't stop watching but the attacker keeps probing. and most if not all of these attacks have come from russia.

russia's military dwarfs compares to ours, but their cyber attack abilities are very well developed and are equal if not better in some area's than ours.

in sort order, we have be at war with russia for many years. but since there are no tanks, planes, ground forces or threat of nukes involved, the American public goes along in a merry fog that we are just a-okay.

now with this latest halfwitted attempt by the right wing terrorist group at the urging of the russian asset trump, it was a new kind of attack. this was, in my belief a faint to see how the US would react.

the thinking part of America is rightly pissed off and what happens from this point and over the next few weeks is being watched very closely by russia and north korea and Iran to a certain extent. (Iran's issues are similar but different from the other two)

if over the next few weeks, these two nations see a limp response from US in regards to how we handle the current situation, I fully expect sometime within the next 6 to 10 months a fairly impressive attack up on our infrastructure via a cyber attack.

putin is ex kgs (is one really an ex of that organization?) and as such, he knows how to play the long game and has patience on his side.

now don't get me wrong, we are currently trying to do the same with him, hacking russias facilities, but what we lack is this: a motivated group of crazy lackeys that will do putin's bidding in the event of a massive cyber attack.

I see a coordinated effort between these right wing terrorists and an cyber attack by russia.

I truly hope that I am completely and utterly wrong, but given the current landscape of insanity that the orange asshole has brought upon this nation, there is no better time for a foreign adversary to stage an attack.

I wrote this back on december 16th...

I'm not saying I told you so, but I told you so. read the bold part.


I'm firmly convinced that the orange asshole is a psychopath

And as such, he’s at his end game. He has nothing left to try and “overturn” the election.

He is now at his most dangerous.

Let that sink in

In other words, we ain’t seen nothin yet

I said 3 years ago it would take a swat team to get him to leave. We may need more than that now: the fire Dept.

Well now we have him saying he won’t leave the WH.

Having read extensively over the years about psychopaths and anti-social behavior, I’m going to go on record that he will attempt to do something truly extreme to prevent himself from leaving the WH.

And what that is exactly is: he will attempt to burn down the WH or something along those lines.

He’s mentally painted into corner and feels he has no other alternative than to quite literally burn it all down.

Just remember this: you can not rationalize with a psychopath. They aren’t capable of thinking like normal people. Their one and only mission in life is to protect themselves at all costs and that even means burning everything down and then dying in the flames. Because they will have convinced themselves, at that point, that they “won” because they weren’t caught.

We are entering the final stretch before he gets
kicked out of the WH and it’s going to get really fucking weird
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