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Gender: Female
Hometown: Oxford
Home country: England
Member since: Thu Jun 24, 2004, 07:32 AM
Number of posts: 39,945

Journal Archives

One of my own favourites...

was Maggie Thatcher calling the poll tax that she was trying to introduce (and which proved her downfall) 'the community charge'. As someone pointed out, that sounded like something that an angry herd of elephants might do.

More recently:

'Welfare/benefit dependency' = unemployment.

'Culture of dependency' = too many people being poor.

'Weaning people from benefit dependency' = cutting their benefits.

'Trapped on benefits' = poor.

'Compassionate conservative' = right-winger who claims that it's really good for poor or otherwise disadvantaged people to be stomped on.

'Scroungers' = unemployed and especially sick or disabled people.

'Workshy' (see 'scroungers')

'Welfare reform' = cuts.

'Increasing patient choice' = preparing to sell the NHS to the highest bidders.

'Increasing parent choice' = turning schools into businesses

'School business manager' = person, sometimes without teaching experience, placed in charge of helping to turn a school into a business.

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