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RockaFowler's Journal
RockaFowler's Journal
January 13, 2012

10 Brand Names Gone But Not Forgotten


1. F.W. Woolworth
2. Amiga
3. Merry-Go-Round/Chess King (I used to wok at Merry Go Round)
4. Diners Club card
5. Tab (Tab, what a beautiful drink. Tab, for beautiful people)
6. Rustler Steak House
7. McCall's (I think the change to Rosie killed it)
8. General Cinemas (I saw Star Wars at one)
9. Pan Am (now it's a cancelled TV show, too)
10. Chiclets
January 4, 2012

Catholic bishop resigns, admits he has 2 kids


The Vatican said on Wednesday that Pope Benedict had accepted the resignation of Gabino Zavala, an auxiliary bishop of the diocese which has been plagued by sexual scandals.

A brief Vatican announcement did not give the reason for Zavala's resignation, saying only that the pope had accepted it under the norm in canon (Church law) that says a bishop who is ill or otherwise unfit to carry out his duties should resign.

But Zavala's direct superior, Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez, has prepared a letter for the faithful in the archdiocese explaining the circumstances of the departure of Zavala, who was assistant bishop for the San Gabriel region of California.

In the letter, a draft of which was obtained from a Catholic Church source in Rome, Gomez said Zavala, 60, had informed him in early December that he was the father of two teenage children who live with their mother in another state.

I'll just say this as a non-Catholic, I have never understood why it's so important for the Priests not being able to marry. I know Rabbis get married. My brother is a Baptist Minister - married with 4 kids. Why is it that the Catholic Church is still using this archaic method for choosing their leaders?? I just want to know. I'm not knocking Catholicism, I'm knocking this particular thing.
January 2, 2012

Wikileaks: Fanjuls among 'sugar barons' who 'muscled' lawmakers to kill free trade deal


Growers were likely bribing Dominican lawmakers, sponsoring anti-American attack ads and paying for slanted newspaper coverage, American diplomats alleged in secret dispatches to Washington in 2004 - documents obtained by WikiLeaks and reviewed by The Palm Beach Post.

The cables outline just one side of a high-stakes and contentious debate, but they contain controversial allegations against Palm Beach County's most influential sugar family: the Fanjuls.

The diplomats identified the Cuban expatriates as especially fierce opponents in the fight over the free trade agreement, a struggle that led to layoffs and a mill closing in the Glades.

On one side, the Fanjuls, owners of 155,000 acres in Palm Beach County and among the largest sugar producers in the world, and other Dominican sugar growers bridled at what they viewed as "heavy-handed" and "dictatorial" tactics by the U.S. ambassador and at American pandering to special interests.

more at the link . . .

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