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Nah, my state passed a BUNCH of progressive legislation when Dems were in power.

NC had some of the most liberal election law in the country while the state government was controlled by conservative Dems like Mike Easly. Under these "DINOs" we got extended early voting hours, same day registration, public funding for local judicial campaigns and even a trial for preferential ballots (benefits grassroots and third-party candidates) in a few local races. All of these gains were rolled back under the GOP who took control in 2010 and then they added nasty things like voter ID law.

So there you have it!

Strong activist coalition + Democrats in power = progressive voter laws

GOP = voter suppression

There's your proof right there! I have seen the difference between GOP and conservative Dems up close and personal and the difference is HUGE. The electoral math for Democrats favors a large and diverse voter pool. This is true for ALL Dems, not just liberals. The GOP math favors limiting the pool of potential voters as much as possible. It is really that simple.

If you have a Democratically controlled state, you can get progressive voter legislation passed, either as a party activist or (my path) as a volunteer for an activist group that focuses on voting rights. It requires attention and some effort, something that many around here have in short supply. But the FACTS of the matter are incontrovertible. Do the work and you will see results.
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