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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Jul 8, 2004, 03:14 PM
Number of posts: 10,336

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Why is it (re: KXL, the angry right, the weenie left, RINO's)

that the morons on the right always get away with publicly referring to Democrats in all situations as "the angry left", but their own unprecedented extremist actions are blown off as normal politics? Why? Shouldn't there be a 24-hr a day messaging machine on our side calling them the "angry right"? I mean every politico, pundit, and talking head on our side should use this kind of phrasing in every television appearance. That's what they are. Angry, callous, hateful, vindictive, and dangerous. The Democratic Republic is hanging on by its' fingernails and these people play politics to the bitter end. Our side almost always acquiesces. I'm beginning to think there are only 4 Democrats left in the entire country- Warren, Grayson, Sanders, and yours truly. Sen. Sanders is more of a true yellow-dog Democrat than most Democrats. He's more of a Democrat than my own "Democratic" Senator, who has predictably turned out to be a RINO. He would rather pander for the next election, than to take the hard votes (I say that as if it's true that it's hard to vote against KXL. wink wink) C'mon, man. Really? You want to be re-elected so badly you voted Yes? Pathetic. Our state has ZERO interest in KXL, and even the states impacted really only have an interest to the extent it affects them. But our state has NOTHING to gain. Rant over.

Ok, DU'ers..My facebook is blowing up over the last few days about Pence and

that idiotic state-run news agency mess he created. Have hardly seen a peep or two in GD or LBN about it, only one or two comments. Not only is he an idiot, but he is ruining our fine state with each day he continues in an office he doesn't even really want. It's just a placeholder for the real prize, the White House. We here all surely know that, and in his rather short tenure he has done hardly anything, except for a couple of pet projects, one of which thwarts the will of the people and denies a duly-elected public servant her position. Can we impeach him yet? I have posed this question several places on FB. There are scads of national news stories about this debacle, and he is an embarrassment not only to our state, but to his prior career as a radio broadcaster with the news agency story. He only wants to create that agency to spread "news" (propaganda) for his Presidential run, and I dare say he isn't even qualified for the office he holds. So, Can we impeach now? Also, how can we get the story some legs here on DU? Thoughts.... (*edits below, to include story links, by request

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Cancels Plans To Launch State-Run News Outlet

Opinion: Mike Pence Fails Political Crisis Management Test

Pravda on the Plains:
Indiana's Taxpayer-Funded Fake News Org

Gov. Pence ditches state-run news site plan after uproar
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