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Member since: Sun Jul 11, 2004, 07:58 PM
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Mueller? Mueller....?

What will centrist Democrats do to undo Janus if they regain power?

When Republicans briefly held power in Congress after World War II, they passed the Taft Hartley Act that substantially weakened unions. Half of Democrats in the Senate voted to override President Truman's veto and pass the law.

Once Democrats regained control, they had DECADES to undo it, but let it stand.

My concern with Janus is not that it can't be undone, but that it won't.

What are centrists saying they are going to do about this, and what evidence if any is there that they will actually do it?

I believe Justice Garland would have voted against it, but Democrats seem unwilling to play hardball with Republicans when needed, which might lead many to conclude they don't mind what they are doing that much.

MJ Hagar for Texas: Doors (powerful video by a military vet candidate)


PIC: AMBER ALERT for Trump admin

Bernie with Toys R Us workers: company was making profit but private equity debt killed it

Toys R Us was making a substantial profit, but went bankrupt paying back the leveraged buyout crowd on Wall St. that had bought them.

When someone says "capitalism" is broken, they mean more this kind of financial gaming of the system than people's willingness to take risks to come up with a new or better product or service or workers to put in a fair day's work for fair pay.

The problem is, the guys who do stuff like this buy politicians, mostly in both parties, to make this shit legal.

They should be subject to the rule of law like the rest of us not making the laws that make their crimes legal.


Hillary Clinton: Being a Capitalist 'Probably' Hurt Me in Primary Because Many Dems Are Socialists

Boy, there's a couple of things to unpack in this.

1. There's nothing wrong with saying you believe in capitalism IF it includes the big BUT Hillary did about regulation and accountability.

The problem is the centrist/DLC/Third Way/New Democrat wing of the party did not hold the big dogs accountable and under Bill Clinton's watch, relaxed the very regulations that made Wall Streets crimes mostly legal.

2. If you think 41% of your base share certain values, you might try to build up a record and a platform that reflects those values rather than attacking those people and giving every indication you will go the other way on core economic and foreign policy issues.

3. How the hell could the REPUBLICANS see any point in highlighting this? Hillary is essentially saying she's a pre-Reagan Republican.

Hillary Clinton claimed Wednesday that declaring herself to be a “capitalist” during the 2016 presidential primaries may have hurt her with Democratic voters.

“Probably,” she said when asked by Time Inc. Brands CCO Alan Murray if the declaration hurt her. The pair appeared in conversation as part of the Shared Value Leadership Summit in New York City.

“It’s hard to know but I mean if you’re in the Iowa caucuses and 41 percent of Democrats are socialists or self-described socialists, and I’m asked ‘Are you a capitalist?’ and I say, ‘Yes, but with appropriate regulation and appropriate accountability.’ You know, that probably gets lost in the ‘Oh my gosh, she’s a capitalist!’” Clinton concluded, partly referring to the popularity of her primary rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who ran as a self-declared democratic socialist.

The Republican National Committee research team quickly seized upon the remarks, clipping it and posting it to their social-media channels.


Colorado Democrats overwhelmingly reject Democrats for Education Reform at state assembly

This is how Democrats can earn back the enthusiastic support that previously gave them decades of control in Congress: stop supporting efforts to privatize schools and "prove" they are failing through redundant standardized testing that is then used to punish teachers and close schools. No one has ever proved how the latter helps any student by making them travel farther to an even more crowded classroom.

If Democrats could say no to Wall Street on this one issue, we could see a huge difference.

My wife is a public school teacher, but we put our kid in a private school that we can't afford because of all the destructive dictates that come down from the state because some hedge fund manager spread some cash around and had their astroturf foundations claim it would somehow help.

And they never seem to demand public school educate everyone else's kids the way theirs are in private schools.

This is low hanging fruit if Democrats are willing to grab it.

Colorado has shown you the way.

Delegates at the Colorado Democratic state assembly Saturday sent a clear message to the state chapter of Democrats for Education Reform: You don’t have a place in our party.

After booing down the head of the education reform organization, who described herself as a lifelong Democrat, delegates voted overwhelmingly Saturday to call for the organization to no longer use “Democrats” in its name. While it’s unclear how that would be enforced, the vote means a rejection of DFER is now part of the Colorado Democratic Party platform.

The one-sided platform fight revealed a growing divide among party activists and establishment politicians on education policy that could have implications for the governor’s race. Cary Kennedy, a former state treasurer who has the backing of the teachers unions, got 62 percent of the vote at the assembly, easily securing a place on the ballot alongside U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, who got 33 percent of the vote.


The platform amendment reads: “We oppose making Colorado’s public schools private or run by private corporations or becoming segregated again through lobbying and campaigning efforts of the organization called Democrats for Education Reform and demand that they immediately stop using the party’s name Democrat in their name.”


Poll: 55% of REPUBLICANS say Trump should NOT fire Mueller, 22% say he should

Maybe Republicans in Congress will realize it's time to cut their losses with their trust fund baby Forrest Trump on bath salts.

FL budget: $133-$1,000 per charter student, $18 per public school student

If Democrats want to rebuild a lasting majority instead of falling in and out of power by razor thin wins and losses, they could break with the privatizers of public education unequivocally and permanently.

Most people send their kids to public schools, and a lot are realizing that charters steal money from regular schools as this budget shows. Almost as many realize they don't necessarily do a better job--they just get to pick the best students.

On education at least, Democrats need to put good policy ahead of their Wall St. donors.

In working out a proposed state budget deal in the wee hours of the morning, state House and Senate leaders divvied up Public Education Capital Outlay money for such things as repairs and renovation this way:

* $4.7 million, or $1,000 per student, for Florida Lab Schools, a small group of schools connected with universities across the state. They have about 4,700 students.

* $1.6 million, or about $133 per student, for Polk charter schools. They have about 12,000 students.

* $1.5 million, or about $18 per student, for the Polk County School District. It
has about 85,000 students, not counting those in charter schools.

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