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Member since: Sun Jul 11, 2004, 07:58 PM
Number of posts: 39,405

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1944 poll: Would you rather have Social Security handle health insurance?

It's remarkable that people understood this even back then and our elected representatives have resisted what we would call Medicare for All today for so many decades.

If Democrats want to win, and more importantly, do the cost effective and morally right thing, they would say "Medicare for All" every time someone puts a camera in their face.

That three word framing of the issue essentially is the beginning and end of the debate, and the rest is just filling in the details, which would actually be easier than Medicare for old people since you would capture all those younger, healthier people who don't buy insurance now because they are playing medical emergency roulette.


At UN Human Rights Council, Saudi Arabia Supports Right To Torture & Execute LGBT People

This is from 2016, but as various groups ramp in Washington up tensions and possible military conflicts, it's worth remembering what offenses our government ignores when it's in the interest of our financial elite.

To their shitty human rights record, utter lack of democracy, spreading of violent fundamentalism and terrorism, including sponsoring (and possibly directing) the 9/11 hijackers, we can now add wars of aggression with Yemen.

The "whataboutism" defense was invented because comparing any of our "enemies'" human rights or democracy violations to our "allies" like Saudi Arabia immediately shows that our government's case against their enemies are excuses not real causes.

A handful of people in Congress are right on this like Tulsi Gabbard. Democrats who want to regain AND HOLD ONTO the majority in Congress could change to a foreign policy that is honest about who is pushing for various wars and regime change and how they expect to profit from it, which is something the Republicans are inherently incapable of doing.

GENEVA — At the most recent session of the U.N. Human Rights Council, Saudi Arabia objected to a resolution that condemns the use of torture by law enforcement and reaffirms the human rights of LGBT people.

The resolution, passed during the council’s 31st session, which closed on March 24, condemns the use of torture “and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,” and urges nations to prevent torture by police or during pre-trial detention.

While the report is primarily focused on police and governmental use of torture, it briefly references the latest report by Juan Mendez, the special rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, which was issued during the session.

According to a U.N. press release, Saudi Arabia protested because Mendez’s report “included 65 references to sexual orientation and was an attempt to use the eradication of torture to promote other issues, which lacked any ground in international law.”


Can election rigging charge against Trump snare Kris Kobach too?

I don't know if he is tied in with it, but it seems this is the only time vote rigging and voter suppression has made it into the mainstream news without being called a kooky conspiracy theory.

If there's a way to take down the electronic vote rigging companies and the various voter purge scams like Kobach runs with inter state crosscheck along with Trump, I'd be all for it.

How to find out how out of it Trump is: Ask him why he hasn't appointed...

Secretary of Institution Racism yet.

Or what he's going to do about the refugees from Narnia.

After Trump's Haiti & Africa comment, how long until he uses the N-word in public?

He's about three-fourths of the way there.

TOON: Behind the Red, White, & Blue Curtain

Dumb question: how much is left of the filibuster?

We don't hear about it too much anymore.

Has Mitch nuked it for everything, or are Democrats not doing it because they figure he will simply remove it for whatever they try to block?

Also, should Democrats do away with it if they regain the majority?

If Democrats win a veto-proof majority in 2018, what should they do with it?

They should do something bold or they won't have it for long.

Also, they would own whatever does or doesn't get done in terms of legislation, just as Republicans own every stupid ass thing they are doing now.

It would also be great optics to emasculate Trump.

How Doug Jones Destroyed Roy Moores Whole Shtick with One Well-Chosen Verb

This may not be the reason Jones won, but it shows more thought about turning Republicans supposed strengths into laughable liabilities.

Frankly, I'm surprised no one has done this effectively to Trump.

Enter Doug Jones. If there’s one person on Earth whose view of gender is less enlightened than Donald Trump’s, it’s Roy Moore. And like the president, Moore loves playing the tough guy. Hence the gun at the rally. Hence the ten-gallon hat. Hence the decision, however questionable, to ride a horse to his polling place on Election Day.

Jones could have gone the Rubio route and tried to prove he was the alpha of the race. Roy Moore pulls out a pistol? Doug Jones pulls out a shotgun! Roy Moore rides on horseback? Doug Jones rides bareback! And so on, and so on. But instead of fighting on the culture warrior’s turf, Jones turned to ridicule.

“Prancing around on a stage in cowboy suit.”

Look at the word choice in that sentence. Not “walking” or “marching,” but “prancing.” Not at a rally, but “on a stage.” Not dressed like a cowboy, but “in a cowboy suit.” These were precise, cutting words. They didn’t just make fun of his opponent.
They went straight at the central conceit of his public persona – his toughness. Words like “prancing” and “cowboy suit” suggest the opposite of masculinity. Where Roy Moore presented himself as an alpha male, Doug Jones exposed him as a kind of right-wing cabaret act.

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