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Member since: Sun Jul 11, 2004, 07:58 PM
Number of posts: 39,405

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DERF TOON: How Tupac hologram could help GOP

I especially like the "squirt" for Ayn Rand.

DU this poll on Yahoo: Has George W. Bush's presidency been judged too harshly?

It's on the lower right hand side.

It's currently 50/50.


THIS MODERN WORLD TOON: Conservative Jones, citizen journalist!

with links to support

Only one actor was BORN to lampoon Mitt Romney:

Will Ferrell, hold the Jewfro (or Ron Burgundy with a shave and a haircut):

He did it for Bush.

America is calling again. Will he pick up or let it go to voicemail?

Ted Nugent crapping his pants to avoid the draft shows why we need polls back on DU

We need to vote for who is the king of the chickenhawks, and while Nugent isn't running for office, his chicken credentials are probably the best ever.

PIC: Romney has picked his running mate

TOON: Supreme Court strip search ruling could lead to unintended gov't health care

Okay, that's not all the toon is about, but it's my favorite panel.

And the Scalia panel is a pinky away from the shocker, which would be entirely appropriate too.

See the original at DailyKos toons
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