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Sarah Palin-Impersonating Porn Star Strips for RNC Delegates at GOP-Themed Club in Tampa

I for one am shocked that it isn't a rent boy dressing up as Sarah Palin for the closet cases of the GOP.

Sarah Palin may be a no-show at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, but, for some delegates at least, it seems her porn star double Lisa Ann is an adequate substitute.

The adult film actress, who has been making bank from her Palin resemblance since 2008, is best known to mainstream audiences from her role as Serra Paylin in the political porn parody Who's Nailin' Paylin?.

A dental assistant by trade, Ann arrived in Tampa over the weekend to perform a GOP-themed strip show at Thee DollHouse strip club on N. Westshore Blvd.

"Sarah Palin is in the house tonight!" Ann — I mean Paylin — exclaimed, before proceeding to remove her business skirt and black corset to reveal the two things that clearly set her apart from the GOP's 2008 VP nominee — her 38DDs.


CNN deletes ALL comments on corporate education reform critic Diane Ravitch TWICE

The Wall Street crowd has a real problem with democracy, and even feedback.

Apparently, their talking points on privatizing public K-12 schools are so shaky, they can't withstand even the criticism of those who comment on the CNN website.

If CNN so obviously scrubs comments critical of the privatization agenda, should they start advertising themselves as Fox News for people who aren't named Cleatus? Why don't the news Networks just start calling themselves Press Release Reading Services or Infomercials for Wall Street?

CNN Deleted All Comments on My Interview–Again!

by dianerav

A reader informed me that CNN deleted all comments on Randi Kaye's interview with me for the second time.

Here is the link if you are inclined to try for a third time to leave a comment:



corporate education reform film at Dem convention needs to be SWAMPED by real educators protesting

There seem to be few ways real educators can get the attention of the administration and make them admit that redundant testing, mass firings, union busting, and privatizing public education serves the wealthy who want to divert public education dollars into their own pockets--not the actual kids who need educating.

Diane Ravitch posted this invitation a reader got:

StudentsFirst, Parent Revolution, and Democrats for Education Reform are hosting a screening of the film "Won't Back Down" at the Democratic National Convention. It is not on the official program, so I hear.

This is the film celebrating the parent trigger, the law started by the billionaire-funded Parent Revolution in California and since adopted by the far-rightwing group ALEC as model legislation to encourage parents to seize control of their public school and hand it over to a charter school operator.


Join Us for a Screening of Won't Back Down at the DNC

You and your guests are cordially invited to a pre-screening of Won't Back
Down at the Democratic National Convention sponsored by Democrats for
Education Reform, Parent Revolution and StudentsFirst. The film will be
followed by a panel discussion with Michelle Rhee, Ben Austin, Joe Williams,
Mayor Kevin Johnson and others.

Where: EpiCentre Theaters - 210 E. Trade St., Charlotte, NC 28202
Date: September 3, 2012
Time: 1:00 - 3:00pm


It would be criminal for this event during the media intensive convention to occur without teachers, parents, and those who want real public education making it clear that ALEC backed education reform is about PROFITS NOT PUPILS.

We should be both inside and outside this event, prepared with a couple of simple talking points like charters doing no better than real public schools according to the Stanford study, charters being free of the micromanaged curriculum and mandate to serve special needs kids that public schools have, and the profit motive underlying the whole ugly affair.

Obama will certainly be better on education funding than Romney, but that will mean little if most of the money ends up in the pockets of the privatizers.

Democratic politicians need to know that whatever campaign donations they get from this crowd will cost them far more in bad PR and the support of otherwise fervent progressives.

on Skinnydipping in Galileegate: Is paying for congressional travel a form of bribery?

That is really the only outrage I felt when I read about the congressman skinnydipping in the Sea of Galilee.

If someone pays for you to take a trip, that creates a debt as much as a campaign donation, an insider stock tip, a job for a layabout relative, or the promise of a job after they leave office.

And that debt creates access (at a minimum).

I don't know about you, but I can't afford to buy airfare for a planeload of Congressmen to come investigate my issues.

Maybe I'm missing something, but what's wrong with this rule:

  • If it's official business, the government should pay.

  • If it's campaign related, donors should pay.

  • If it's skinnydipping in the Sea of Galilee, they should pay their own fucking way.

What do you think?

I regret that Romney didn't pick Chris Christie.

He was the only hope of making this race entertaining with his cartoonish thuggishness.

He would make Joe Biden look like George Washington, Abe Lincoln, and FDR all rolled into one in the VP debates even if Biden didn't open his mouth.

Paul Ryan will do the same thing, but it will take a few more minutes to get there.

Romney's VP pick Paul Ryan: help, hurt, no difference on Romney's chances?

Ryan is a good pick only graded on a curve that would include the likes of Sarah Palin and Dan Quayle.

Unlike either of those two, Ryan does seem to possess average or above IQ, and the ability to speak English.

PIC: Republicans want less government for same reason criminals want less cops

Public School Privatizers Bare Their Greedy Faces Without Shame

Privatizers Bare Their Faces Without Shame
by dianerav

Last week we saw a report from Reuters about the conference for equity investors held at the posh University Club in Manhattan.

And we learned there about the many new frontiers for making a buck by jumping into the public education marketplace.

Here is another article from the same conference, this one in Education Week, reporting with a straight face that the equity investors see new opportunities to make money when the new national tests inevitably produce low scores.


Arne Duncan says Obama agrees with NJ GOP thug Gov. Christie on education

Chris Christie is something straight out of 19th century Thomas Nast cartoon, so obviously a corrupt thug without even the normal Republican pretense of religiosity that the mere mention of his name should be an indictment of the GOP.

Instead, Obama's Secretary of Education is saying his president agrees this moral filth.

A talking point like this is probably meant to reassure the rich that Obama will carry their water as far and as faithfully on breaking teachers unions and privatizing public education to funnel our tax dollars into their already wealthy pockets, but it demoralizes teachers who are going to vote for him because he's better than Romney but still kicking them in the nuts.

It is also worth noting what the interview asked and Duncan couldn't answer: why are you continuing with this set of policies even though they don't seem to work?

The obvious answer is because they are being paid to since the research and even common sense don't support the conservative education reform agenda at all.

Additionally, every time the two parties agree on something like this, it effectively deprives us of democracy on the issue since we get the same thing however we vote.

Here is the latest interview with the Secretary of Education. It begins with a stomach-turning but accurate admission that education is the one thing that President Obama and the teacher-bashing governor of New Jersey Chris Christie agree on. How's that for a reassuring opening?

When asked why the evidence for the reforms he is pushing seems weak, Duncan replies it is because they are new and therefore don't have a 50-year track record. Oh, please, they don't have any track record at all, yet he is pushing these untested, invalid measures on schools across the nation. Of course, everyone wants great teachers and great principals and great schools, but nothing he is doing is producing those results.

The questioner gently asks why there were no "dramatic" improvements in New York City or Washington, D.C. or Chicago, where Duncan was in charge for eight years. The answer is so vague as to be indecipherable. Ten years of Duncan-style reform in New York City, six years in D.C., twelve years in Chicago, and nothing to show for it. Just have faith! Believe!

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