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Member since: Sun Jul 11, 2004, 07:58 PM
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TOM TOMORROW TOON: Even more primary phenomena

I'm embarrassed the first one didn't occur to me before.

Do voters in the last primaries deserve to have ANY say in who the nominee is?

However you do the math, even if Bernie has a near impossible path to victory that might include swaying some super-delegates, do those of us in the last few primary states have a right to vote for the candidate of our choice?

Or should Bernie drop out so Hillary and Trump can get right to debating Bill's affairs, Hillary's email, Trump's imported wives, dealings with the mafia, and many bankruptcies (with maybe a side of light issue coverage)?

Bernie's better poll performance RUINS excuse for DLC/New Dem/Third Way existence

The stated reason a sizable chunk of Democratic politicians "had" to adopt conservative economic, foreign policy, budget priorities, giveaways of the commons through privatization, and essentially making government subservient to corporate interest because Reaganomics was just SO popular with voters.

Now that Bernie Sanders is beating Donald Trump in the polls by far more than Hillary is, shouldn't the DLC/New Dem/Third Way either shut down OR admit that serving corporate and Wall Street interests is more important to them than winning elections or passing progressive policies?

Cashing in On Charter School Failure

If Hillary truly has the nomination sewn up and wants to win the enthusiastic rather than grudging supports of progressives, one way she could do it is by admitting Wall Street driven K-12 public education "reform" is a failure and corrupt to the core, and that she will put education policy back in the hands of educators and academics not sociopaths on Wall Street pushing methods they would never tolerate at the pricy schools where they send their own kids.

If the DLC/New Dem/whatevers picked just one or two policy areas where they wouldn't let their big donors and past and future employers set the agenda, they might be able to hang onto power for another election or two.

You get what you pay for, right? When it comes to online charter schools, apparently not.

Despite receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from California’s taxpayers, California Virtual Academies (CAVA), the state’s largest provider of online public education, is failing key tests used to measure educational success. According to an investigation by The San Jose Mercury News, fewer than half of the thousands of students who enroll in CAVA schools graduate, and almost none of them are qualified to attend the state’s public universities. All the while, the publicly traded corporation that owns the network, K12 Inc., continues to rake in massive profits.

Online charter schools — also known as “cyber” or “virtual” schools — are funded like charter schools with physical buildings and face-to-face interaction. When a student enrolls in an online school, the school receives most of the taxpayer funding that would have gone to the student’s local public school.

Without strong oversight, this can be a windfall for companies like K12 Inc. The Mercury News investigation reveals that CAVA teachers have been asked to inflate attendance and enrollment records used to determine public funding—students who spend as little as one minute during a school day logged into company software can be counted as present. And while records show that the company’s employees started each of K12 Inc.’s 17 online schools in California, the applications they filed to open the schools described the founders as a “group of parents,” none of whom were named.


will Democratic party take vote suppression and rigging seriously in November?

Or will this be a rerun of 2000 and 2004?

John Kerry made noises about fighting it in 2004 after the regulation irregularities of 2000 but did nothing.

The GOP has far more incentive to cheat this time. They are unlikely to win fairly and demographics make it more and more unlikely each passing election so they have to grab power while they can.

Since Hillary is cut from the same Establishment Clause as Carrie and Gore I suspect that she will do little about this as well.

However the stakes are too high to do nothing. The invention of the Tea Party and rise of a candidate like Trump are no accident. Some portion of the financial Elite realize they can't hold power through fake democracy for much longer and rather than give it up they will cheat or resort to force. And if they get it either fairly or by cheating they have a great incentive to hold on to it by force which is why I think they created the Tea Party. Not because tea party politicians have different policies but because they are more extreme in their tactics and frankly too stupid to think of the possible negative consequences for themselves if they pull the trigger on full fascism.

I think something like that was in the pipe during the bush years but too many republican politicians are gun shy about full fascism not because of democracy but because they understood what would happen to them if they fail.

Corporate Democrats do not seem to act like this is a possibility even when Republicans make it clear this is their intent and when they brag about vote suppression.
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