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Al Gore could unite business & progressive Democrats in 2020.

I just watched the trailer for the sequel to AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH.

Al Gore was part of the DLC team, but has progressive credibility because of his work on climate change.

Bernie or someone like him could win, but the business wing of the party would fight tooth and nail to keep them from reaching the nomination.

Hillary would have the unqualified support of the business wing, but her ties to Wall Street and the neocons and their cruel, destructive foreign policy would mean progressives might vote for her, but not have an infectious enthusiasm that gets people to the polls who otherwise wouldn't go.

Al Gore is the only candidate with credibility in both wings of the party.

Of course whether someone like him or further left gets the nomination depends of the Democratic Party leadership realizing they ain't going to win over the Republican base, or to the extent that they do, it won't be by aping Republican policies.

After Trump, the only way GOP could win presidency is if Democrats screw up

I suspected they were trying a variation of the Schwarzenegger grift they pulled on California, to get low information voters to polls to vote for a celebrity.

After Arnold, Republican candidate Meg Whitman won about as many votes as you would expect the GOP to against Jerry Brown.

The celebrity gimmick seems like something that should only work once, or maybe once a generation.

If the Republicans go back to their usual sort of extremists, the can't get close enough to winning for voter suppression and vote rigging to credible even if it could put them over the line.

How could they hope to win after this, at least at the presidential level?

If private ISP's want to sell our data, it's time to revive PUBLIC run internet

and put these assholes out of business.

Add the internet to the list of things the private sector can't be trusted with without them blackmail or screwing us.

How many places in America do this?

Borrowers 'Chilled to the Bone' as DOE Reneges on Student Loan Forgiveness

What if you took a low paying public sector job and arranged for lower payments on your student loans based on the promise of public service loan forgiveness, and a new administration breaks that promise?

This is an opportunity for Democrats to remind voters what they do better, and once back in power, we need to devote at least as much the time, money, and effort to bail out student loan borrowers and others crapped on by the financial sector as we do to bailing those who did the crapping.

In a troubling development for the countless people saddled with student debt, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) may be reneging on a promise made to over 550,000 such borrowers who were led to believe that their loans would be forgiven after ten years of work in the public service.

Responding to an ongoing lawsuit from four borrowers, the DOE has given no explanation but says that approval letters sent to individuals who signed up for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program are not in fact "binding," the New York Times reported Thursday.

Times reporter Stacy Cowley wrote:

In a legal filing submitted last week, the Education Department suggested that borrowers could not rely on the program's administrator to say accurately whether they qualify for debt forgiveness. The thousands of approval letters that have been sent by the administrator, FedLoan Servicing, are not binding and can be rescinded at any time, the agency said.

The filing adds to questions and concerns about the program just as the first potential beneficiaries reach the end of their 10-year commitment—and the clocks start ticking on the remainder of their debts

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