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Whenever GOP brings up tax cut for the rich, ask what rich have to give up at current rate or...

how past generations of the wealthy managed to survive and even thrive when the rate was much higher.

Paging Rahm: House Dems revive 2006 playbook for 2018

Didn't Chuck Schumer say something about going after moderates in the suburbs before the 2016 election?

Also, wasn't 2006 the first election cycle with Howard Dean as party chair?

I do like the rubber stamp bit.

Do people here think Rahm is the direction Democrats need to go?

“The future, in a presidential election, a statewide election, or a congressional, is in the suburbs, where more moderate voters exist,” Emanuel said in last week’s episode of Politico’s Off Message podcast. “I purposely recruited candidates who reflected the temperament, tenor and culture of their district. I didn’t try to elect somebody that fit my image. I tried to help elect somebody that fit the image and the profile of the district.”

Leading the DCCC that year, Emanuel put an early focus on raising money, decrying the fact that Republicans consistently outraised House Democrats. Emanuel that cycle emphasized recruiting centrists — who may have broken with Democratic Party orthodoxy on abortion — in conservative districts where his party usually wasn’t competitive.

And when it came time to hammer incumbent GOP members of Congress, Emanuel directed his committee to focus on Republicans’ ethical problems and their close ties to Bush. One tactic was to name Republicans the “rubber stamp of the week,” a move yoking them to their unpopular president. That’s now being emulated by Organizing for Action — the political group spawned by Barack Obama’s campaigns — as it targets Republican lawmakers as “rubber-stamp reps” for their votes in line with Trump’s positions.

Emanuel has been in touch regularly with Democratic leaders in Washington, holding frequent strategy phone calls with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York.


U.S. senators seek LIFETIME BAN on ex-Congress members lobbying

The only negative I see to this bill is we might have trouble finding ONE candidate in either party to run for each seat if it's enacted.

Maybe Trump would even sign because he wouldn't understand what it's about, "Why would someone want to take a job working as a lobbyist for companies they already own?"

A bipartisan bill introduced on Thursday would prohibit members of the U.S. Congress from ever working as lobbyists after they leave the Senate or House of Representatives.

Republican Senator Cory Gardner with Democratic Senators Michael Bennet and Al Franken in introducing the Senate legislation to stop the lucrative "revolving door" practice that has drawn the ire of watchdog groups for decades.

"By banning members of Congress from lobbying when they leave Capitol Hill, we can begin to restore confidence in our national politics," Gardner said in a statement.


The Center for Responsive Politics has noted that former members often score large-salaried lobbying jobs, sometimes of $1 million or more.


What do Republicans gain by keeping Trump in power rather than Pence?

They clearly aren't going to pick up any swing votes with him in office and will be get their clocks cleaned in 2018 midterms.

If they replaced him with Pence, he would rubberstamp most if not all of the same things Trump would, it would take most of the steam out of the calls for special prosecutors and other investigations, and Pence is boring enough that it could deflate a lot of protests.

Are they just afraid of his hardcore base of low information voters? Are there some big fish donors that insist on keeping him? Is it that he is so damn stupid, they can get him to do reckless things and not realize how he could end up paying for it himself?

What is their calculus that makes keeping Trump look like a good idea?
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