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I would be glad to see Trump go down for collusion but if not, will Mueller pursue other charges?

The collusion charge seems to hang not just on whether Trump actively worked with Russia on the election, but whether Russia is our enemy in the wartime sense as opposed to an economic rival in some sectors.

Will Mueller pursue other charges as well, or just let the whole investigation stand or fall on that?

The money-laundering, organized crime ties, and even other Russia related charges like ending sanctions in exchange for his Russian debts being forgiven seem more substantive.

The other reason these other charges should be filed: I don't want to see Trump merely leave office. He should go to prison for all that other stuff, not just because he did it and because he's a vile person, but to send a message to politicians and their owners that no one is above the law, not even the President.

When Obama first mentioned this stuff publicly on his way out the door, that was a sea change for the Democratic Party that has largely given the GOP a pass on political dirty tricks from Nixon's treasons promises to South Vietnam before the '68 election to the October Surprise in '80, to Iran Contra, and the various Baby Bush war lies and ties to business crimes like Enron.

Putting Trump in prison would be a step toward real democracy. If a couple of the billionaires who are backing him managed to get there too, so much the better.

TOON: GOP INaction figure


If Trump wants a military parade, it should be all the trust fund baby chickenhawks like him...

If Trump wants a military parade, it should be all the cowardly, pampered trust fund baby chickenhawks like him who had their daddies pay doctors to write them excuses to keep them out of war but are now brave with OTHER people's lives.

Dick Cheney could be the grand Marshall.

And George W. Bush could do a fly over since he joined the Air National Guard but checked the box that said he did NOT want to go to Vietnam-- but later he did want to send thousands of our troops to be killed and maimed and killed likely over a million Iraqis.

Then after the parade, we can load them all up in military transports, and drop them wherever Trump plans to start a war.

Context on Nunes Memo: in 2016, FISA court denied 0.5% of warrant applications...

Since 1979, it has denied 0.052% of warrants.

Do Republicans really think if that extra information was in the request, FISA would have denied it?

The report shows that 1,752 applications were made during 2016 to allow the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to intercept phone calls and emails. Breaking down that overall figure, the court said it permitted 1,378 requests in full, while 339 requests were granted after modification.

The court's new reporting methods also revealed that the FISA court also rejected parts of 26 requests submitted by the NSA and the FBI.

In other words, just 0.5 percent of all surveillance requests last year were denied.

By comparison, since 1979 to date, the court has approved 40,117 warrants but only rejected 21 requests. That's a rejection rate of 0.052 percent.


on Nunes Memo: isn't standard of proof for a warrant much, much lower than evidence for trial?

Is there any requirement to include exculpatory evidence in the warrant application?

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